Interesting concept.....

The magic number is 8848 metres; the elevation gain of Mount Everest. Her extra metres were to make certain of it. Forever after, in hard-core cycling circles, Hammond will now “own” Mount Buffalo. That's the criteria for everesting: you have to notch a minimum ascent of 8848 vertical metres, all in one continuous cycling effort. The mountain or hill or “elevation” is entirely open to your choice, though the shallower the hill you choose the longer (distance) and more time it will take – choose a hill too gentle and you'll run out of time before needing to stop and/or sleep.
To claim your place in history, you also have to be the first cyclist known to have everested that particular hill or mountain.

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I've heard there have been a couple of failed Everesting attempts in Adelaide. 

32 Norton repeats. Doesn't sounds too bad when you say it fast. 

Also to put Adam's attempt in some perspective he started at 3am I think it was and retired that evening at around 9ish give or take an hour.  I can't find his strava ride to confirm exactly but that's a hell of a big day in the saddle.   Massive 'Respect' to both Adam and Dan on their efforts. 

That's pretty damn impressive.

Certainly would be easier to the climbing done on an MTB while covering less distance.

Do you think? It would be slower wouldn't it?

If you want to cover less distance you could always do Coach Rd repeats.

I've been thinking about it too. 

You want to maximise your vertical ascent speed (VAM), while still riding at endurance heart rate levels. 

I think most people get their best VAM on a climb around 7%, although I've never seen a proper analysis showing this is always the case.

I have seen some analysis showing that any variations in grade decrease your VAM:

Looking at the completed climbs ( the range between 114 km (on a 300m 18% climb) to 430 km (by the same person!) or in terms of time 10:04 (with ~1100 VAM) to 26:46 (with ~800 VAM)

Mt Osmond has your name written all over it Nick :)

Ha, thanks. You can have that one!

I was looking at this yesterday for a bit - the full Mount Lofty climb would be the best bet in my books. Traffic lights to Summit is 12.9km with 570m elevation gain. If you started at the toll gates, it would need 16 repeats to gain the vertical metres, giving a bit over 200km distance

If I were to try it I think I'd do 22 repeats of Tollgate to Bollards. It would seem safer riding tired on the bike path, and you don't have to ride the flat Bollards-to-Shurdington section for no altitude gain. 

Going to test my theory by checking strava and looking at climbs to lofty. Roadie  - feathers roundabout to sumit and old frreway to summit (the two longest options. Versus mtb/cx from feathers round about up chambers to summit or up pwt/old bollocks freeway/cleland to summit. 

A quick question is how much do you rely on your garmin to indicate vertical metres climbed? Afterall two riders using the same model garmin travelling next to each other will often log a large variance of vertical metres climbed.


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