Many of us already know the performance enhancing aspects of coffee during endurance type activities.

On the week end I purchased a machine, that in the wrong hand could be very dangerous.

It's a Nespresso Machine!

Wow, I love coffee, but this little machine that can be tucked away on your bench/desk top spits out glorious cycling fuel in seconds.

Prior to my rides I  had been limited to a strong instant (not international roast) coffee before heading out. Before my early, early ride this morning I was spoilt with a Arpeggio short black. I don't even drink short blacks (normally), but it makes them so well.

Needless to say my ride from Mile End to Ashton and back this morning was great!

I think we are going to have a great relationship.

For those unaware of the benefits of caffeine, see here:

**This machine, with its ease and speed of use could result in a serous caffeine problem. Use with care!**

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I guess I can appreciate people's 'rituals' as far as manual coffee production goes. Everyone should have a hobby. Just like stamp collecting.

I'd argue that the pods produce a sub standard coffee. I've either had a remarkably bad run of coffees at every cafe in Adelaide (possible I guess) or the Nespresso machine actually makes very good coffee....lets see how it pans out.
For those spending time turning dials, clunking coffee heads or tamping could be on ya bike already! ;)

caffeine everyday? Not good for the adrenals. Even Dr Ferrari advised against it lol! Over the last few years showing a few teams around the hills during TDU Ive noticed more and more pros not drinking coffee at the coffee shop. Each one Ive asked says they save it for race day.

Sounds like a better plan for adrenal health in the long run. Caffeine after all is a neurotoxin and works by stimulating the adrenal glands to release adrenaline to help get the neurotoxic caffeine out of the body asap. Its a bit like throwing a pitbull in your teenagers room in the morning to get em out of bed on time for school.

Yes, but it works !

So does provigil, modafinil and ephedrine tablets. They are legal. Lots of people use em.

I guess its a personal choice what we decide to put in our bodies. I just find it hypocritical that entertainers like Lance get the flak when we find out he used drugs to do his job to the satisfaction of his employers when 99% of people out there today in the workforce use drugs to do their job better than the next person/satisfaction of their employers/stock holders.

I agree re your comments on LA, and of course there are all the pro footballers on the field who can only perform because of the painkillers given before the game - - but I do feel that coffee is not in the same league ( pardon the pun ! ) 

It is nearly 10 am, and that is my coffee time, and at 73, I can have what ever I like !   

So my BLTN birthday present arrived yesterday it's a DeLonghi coffee machine. Anybody worked out where you can get a good deal on pods.

Ah, nice reboot of a nice discussion while we're all up at night waiting for Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

I also succumbed and bought one a few weeks ago. I find it quick and consistent for busy family mornings, or a quick pre-ride shot. They were offering a $60 cashback and heavily discounted.

I am searching for alternative sources of pods. My wife bought some Italian ones from David Jones, even though she works near the Nespresso shop she finds it so busy, and they are so fussy about serving you, it was quicker to go to DJs. They were quite nice. That said, I ordered a stack online today. It is free postage for a certain amount.

Don't get me started on the Nespresso shop. We have a machine at work, BYO pods, but there is no such thing as a quick visit, better to buy online as they are the same price. 

Reminds me of this scene every time you do need to buy pods there:

Think 'over-service'. 

So Gus, is yours a DeLOnghi machine and does it take the Nespresso pods.

Hi Clive, I have a Nespresso DeLonghi. After using all the nespresso pods that came with the machine I tried Nespresso compatible pods purchased from Foodland (L'OR espresso). They are $6 for 10. Another alternative is to buy empty pods and fill them yourself with coffee, 100 pods from Red Berry (cnr L'Estrange & Greenhill, Glenside) are $30, freshly ground coffee is $10  which fills around 40ish pods.

Yes, it's the DeLonghi Pixie.

Thanks for the tip-off Lorraine. I check them out.

I did order 100 online yesterday and it seemed easy. I think the limited availability concept might come back to bite Nespresso on the bum.

The shop assistant at Good Guys went into a spiel about voiding warranty if you use non Nespresso pods because the repair guys can tell because of it's 19bar pressure thing. I think I'll risk it.

Gus, using a small needle, puncture the plastic exit face of the pod a dozen or so times in an even pattern. That reduces the pressure required to force the water through the pod - - I have been doing that for some time without any deterioration of machine or coffee.


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