Many of us already know the performance enhancing aspects of coffee during endurance type activities.

On the week end I purchased a machine, that in the wrong hand could be very dangerous.

It's a Nespresso Machine!

Wow, I love coffee, but this little machine that can be tucked away on your bench/desk top spits out glorious cycling fuel in seconds.

Prior to my rides I  had been limited to a strong instant (not international roast) coffee before heading out. Before my early, early ride this morning I was spoilt with a Arpeggio short black. I don't even drink short blacks (normally), but it makes them so well.

Needless to say my ride from Mile End to Ashton and back this morning was great!

I think we are going to have a great relationship.

For those unaware of the benefits of caffeine, see here:

**This machine, with its ease and speed of use could result in a serous caffeine problem. Use with care!**

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My preference is for very hot milk coffee, so I zap three quarters of a cup of milk in the mic to the desired temp, then put that under the pod machine and hit the button. No frother necessary. great result.

Why bother with expensive scientific protocols right? Coffee = win. No coffee = fail

i live and breathe by this motto. Ask anyone who knows me

Sat Mornings ride is good proof too, No PR's set until after the coffee break at La Mussette, then managed to get a whole bag of PR's.....

My parents got one of those Caffe Italy ones from Harvey Norman for about 80 bucks, its loud and ugly, but i'm definitely a fan of the one from Big W, the De'Longhi Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee Pod Machine. I saw an in-store demo of this and it looked to be a real contender.

nespresso better than instant but not as good as a well made manual machine coffee assuming you can fine a coffee that you like.

However there are a lot of places that dont make good coffee.

+1. well said

If only I could find a FUIC machine now my chocolate pod dilemma is solved.


Espresso shot, Ice cream and Milk >>>>> FUIC

Or a shot over a vanilla or coffee gelati

+1. I like to get a bit of  sugar on the ice first and then a splash of cold milk.

Disclaimer: my wife and I are normally tea-drinkers, and not that cheap-and-nasty sweepings-from-the-floor tea-bag stuff.  (I will admit that some tea-bags produce a passable cuppa.)

If one wants ritual with one's coffe, then a percolater is one way to go.  Freshly ground beans, coarse enough to be retained by the holes in the "filter", enough to give the desired strength.  Water to just under the filter level, lid on, and on the stove.  When it begins to perk, turn the heat down, and continue allowing it to perk until the colour (indicating strength) is right.  Remove from the heat, throw out the spent grounds, reassemble, and return the percolator to the stove.  Draw as much as you want, and leave the rest simmering in the percolator.  It will last for several hours if needed, without change in flavour.

A slow and laborious process, I know, but isn't a good coffee worth a little time and effort?

But who am I to object to quick-fix solutions?  (My son does a very good coffee with one of those (non-capsule) espresso machines.)


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