Many of us already know the performance enhancing aspects of coffee during endurance type activities.

On the week end I purchased a machine, that in the wrong hand could be very dangerous.

It's a Nespresso Machine!

Wow, I love coffee, but this little machine that can be tucked away on your bench/desk top spits out glorious cycling fuel in seconds.

Prior to my rides I  had been limited to a strong instant (not international roast) coffee before heading out. Before my early, early ride this morning I was spoilt with a Arpeggio short black. I don't even drink short blacks (normally), but it makes them so well.

Needless to say my ride from Mile End to Ashton and back this morning was great!

I think we are going to have a great relationship.

For those unaware of the benefits of caffeine, see here:

**This machine, with its ease and speed of use could result in a serous caffeine problem. Use with care!**

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while I agree those capsule machines make a consistent coffee well, I prefer to manually make mine, and I have got my flavor down to a fine art. The capsule machines have certainly gained impressive popularity though.

I find the capsule machines keep you poorer than normal in comparison to a manual machine too, due to the excessive amount of capsules I would need to sufficiently cope on a day to day level. LOL 

Enjoy your machine mate. It's still a great move over instant.

It was the George Clooney ads that got you wasn't it? :-)

Funnily enough he likes the same coffee I do.....So we're pretty similar :)

I always thought your avatar was George on a bike, so that explains it now.

That's the incentive to keen your intake under control I guess :) I have a manual machine to, but we just stopped using it. Was great to make a nice coffee, but no one wanted to clean it up (ok I didn't want to clean it).

I was sceptical about the casuals, but the ease I can have a quick, nice coffee I think I'll save money (as opposed to going to the café).

The short blacks without waking everyone in the house before an early ride is gold!

that's a fair comment Darren. I personally do not mind cleaning the machine. I find the cleaner it is, the better the flavor. But yeah, if constant cleaning is an issue, I dont blame you for trying the capsule option.

I'm just lazy!

LOL. arent we all in one way or another?

We bought one between a few of the guys at work, and it was so good I bought one for home too.  I'm impressed by the consistent quality, the coffee selection and the lack of messing about (no mess, simple to clean, coffee keeps fresh).

All the Euros drink espresso..

I agree with Shav, I also have a manual machine but I am amazed by Nestle's reinvention of itself from instant coffee kings to the most popular coffee machine around. That shop in Rundle Mall is mind blowing.. the queues, the 'high class' makeover, the Geroge Clooney vibe. There is a cheaper copy machine BigW sells and I also saw empty pods the other day too. I've been considering getting a machine for work and an upfront investment to save in the long run too.

I can also see the quick and easy nature of the pods for the pre-ride shot that doesn't wake the house as a big selling point too.


We were previously buying from the work cafe at $4 so the savings add up pretty quick.  We bought a U between 5 of us for $200 after store discount and cash back and we figure each cup costs $1 including milk... paid itself back in weeks!

That is true also if you are cafe purchaser on a very regular basis. It ends up cheaper going the capsule machine.

I find consistency can vary between cafes too. At $4+ a pop you'd want to ensure you are getting very little to no variation in strength and quality.

I reckon the fact that the capsule machines are so simple to operate and maintain, as well as the cafe style consistency it brings, is the big winner for most consumers. No wonder the Nespresso outlets are running gang busters.


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