For those of you who are voting in Port Adelaide/Enfield in the council elections and who do not have access to facebook, PortBUG has now published cycling and active transport-related statements from 16 candidates at our web site. You can read them here.

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Thanks for posting.

I couldn't read all that bumph, gave up halfway through. The only one who actually said anything was the first bloke. The mayor and his cohorts just spouted pollyspeak with absolutely no substance. It's no wonder there's no interest in local government when it's like that and frankly, buggerall chance of anything being done.

Don't be discouraged Richard - did you read selectively and just focus on those standing in your ward? This is only a small number of the over 40 PA/E candidates so there are probably only 1 or 2 here (maybe less) who are likely to be in your ward... I agree on what Joost had to say - he knows his stuff about the role of bikes and active transport! Unfortunately I'm not in the Port Adelaide Ward otherwise he'd have my vote for sure. Fortunately there are at least 2 excellent candidates in Semaphore who have received my vote. The Mayor isn't actually standing again so you won't have read anything from him. There are 4 new Mayoral candidates in PA/E and at least two appear outstanding. Quite frankly Local Government is what you make it. You can't sit back and expect innovation to somehow 'just happen'. The PA/E Council has been changing rapidly over the last term with a new CEO, new staff and new councillors. The PortBUG has found our Council very responsive, a great deal has been accomplished and we're quite optimistic. There's a high level of participation and representation from community groups (such as PortBUG) and the Council is proving innovative and committed to supporting cycling and active transport. I can't speak for other Councils but PA/E has some really great, talented and smart staff who are keen to get on with ensuring Council plays it's role. Remember that the role of Councillors is basically just to make good and responsible decisions. It's the professional staff (engineers etc) who come up with the design and innovation - they're the ones that the community really ends up working with and they're the ones who recommend the decisions councillors need to make! I encourage you and anyone else who may be discouraged to simply vote who whomever strikes a chord with you and then go on to participate in Council decision making and planning, especially with regard to bike plans and active transport. It's worth the effort!


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