I'm trying to start a group to have a voice with The eastern side of Adelaide and looking for anyone interested, specifically from Burnside, Campbelltown and NPSP council areas. Would love to have some active volunteers, but for the moment just want to start seeing how many people I can get ineterested. The page is East Adelaide Active transport on Facebook, but you can respond on hear for now if you don't use FB. 

I believe that we should be co-ordinating across all 3 councils and maybe Walkerville and working with the Adelaide Active transport team to get a more wholistic approach, as well as not just limiting ourselves to people who ride. I also want to see walkers and people who want to ride, but are too scared by our current road setups and attitudes

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Congratulations - these are laudable ambitions. As I've said at the ATA f/b group (and as you no doubt are aware) there are already a couple of facebook group BUGs that apparently seek to cover two of the Council areas you’ve nominated – Campbelltown and NPSP (links below). They are quite 'new' and I'm not sure what stage their respective work may have reached.

However I think your notion of an East Adelaide Active Transport group (or perhaps 'coalition') is an interesting one and deserves consideration. The PortBUG and WestsideBUG have also briefly discussed (with no specific outcome as yet) the notion of a 'West Adelaide Bike/Active-transport Coalition'.

My immediate thoughts are that the idea has value, particularly with regard to possibly harnessing a greater degree of interest, action and representative voice from residents and facilitation of the more integrated or ‘joined up’ outcomes that you mention.

However there are also some arguments for focusing our limited/voluntary efforts on work with individual councils particularly with regard to planning and funding outcomes. I suspect that your proposal may benefit from more discussion, particularly with regard to targeted outcomes and strategy. 

You may wish to get together with those principally involved in these 2 BUGs – I’d suggest Katie at CampbelltownBUG and maybe Fay or Ian at NPSP.

You may also like to attend BISA’s ‘BUG Get-Together’ at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd at The Joinery (see Upcoming Events at the BISA f/b page)…





Thanks for your advice Sam, very much appreciated. I've sent requests to join both of those BUG's and if I can't drum up much support within Burnside, I'll see what I can do to help those other groups. It's possible, I guess, that if other LGA's start putting some decent infrastructure together and start seeing increased usage, economic benefits etc. It may isolate Burnside and "show them up" forcing them to take some action without a ratepayer advocacy?

I'm very motivated to do what I can, just time poor like everyone else. This is very much Work in progress for me.

Kristian - I'm interested, I live in the Burnside Council area at the top of The Parade.

Sorry but I don't do Facebook but I do have a VM I run up at times to look at something.

This might mean something to you:

suzieq-2:~ betsuin$ cat /etc/hosts | grep face
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface www.facebook.com facebook.com login.facebook.com www.login.facebook.com static.ak.connect.facebook.com connect.facebook.net www.connect.facebook.net apps.facebook.com
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suzieq-2:~ betsuin$

Thanks Ross, I'll PM you my contact details so we can stay in touch. I'm just off the Parade next to Norwood Morialta high, so we're very close. Looks like we've got 1 and maybe as many as 3 friendly councillors in Burnside now


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