Starting a long term plan to buy an e bike. Preferably something suited to carrying lots of shopping. Suitable to have a robust basket or rack on the front. Should be ready to ride as opposed to converting. Would prefer something a bit chunkier than skinny road wheels. Prices seem to range from about$1,000 to $5000 would prefer price to be in lower range. Leitner look interesting but would like to hear from anybody with experience good or bad.

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I saw 2 new Leitner bikes about a week ago and the owners said they were very happy with them . Bought them somewhere in Melbourne , that's all I know . 

The cheap components on low end e-bikes would worry me, although you could progressively upgrade things like brakes and forks as they fail. The price of reasonable quality hydraulic discs should make them a manufacturers option over crummy cable operated stuff.

Hi Clive,

Here's my best recommendation for reliability and value for money - a good quality rigid mtb (new or s/h), kitted out with good quality racks, baskets etc and fitted with a Bafang BBS-HD drive and 18ah hard-cased battery. Strong, reliable and easily fixable if damaged. But you'll need to make up a '250 watt' sticker of course! ;-)


A business partner of mine in Europe started researching electric motorbikes and a few months ago set up a website with all things electric bikes, scooters etc. He recently introduced an Australian contributor to the site, so at least some of it may be relevant to downunder. The latest contribution I saw was for NZ originated Ubco.

Hi Clive, I was looking around for a few years and finally bought a Ried Urban+ last Sunday. Really please with the price and quality components. My daily commute involves a 32 to 40km round trip with 350 mitres of climbing over about 9km of uphill. The bike has enough range to give me 3 round trips. I use the power assist only on the uphills on the way to work and also to assist with fast take off from the traffic lights. On the way home I usually have a head breeze and most of the uphill climbing so I use the assist most of the way. After a long day at work it is such a pleasure to have that little boost to help me along. I also believe it has made me a stronger rider and made my commute more enjoyable.

Thanks for the responses. More suggestions welcome and I will post when I get one though that is unlikely to be until next July/August

Took my eBike for a 60km ride over the weekend from the southern suburbs, rode up Chandlers Hill Rd through to Clarendon, turned off towards Blewitt Springs. Followed Bakers Gully Rd, Chapel Hill Rd, Chaffeys Rd, right onto Seaview, left onto Olivers Rd into McLaren Vale then followed the Coast to vines back home. Did over 800 meters of climbing and only used 60% of the battery. The assist mode was only used on the climbs. Over all was very happy with the results.

I recently bought my girlfriend a Shogun step-through eBike from Cumberland Cycles. 9Ah battery and 250W rear hub motor, $1400. The frame has a large built-in rear rack which contains the battery.

Haven't been for a long-enough ride yet to accurately determine the range, but have been impressed with it in short rides. The 25km/h limit is a bit meh for someone like me used to higher speeds but fine for my girlfriend.

The worst/best part is that now I have to work pretty hard to keep up with her when going up hills.

Spoke to the guy at my local bike shop. He was saying that road bike sales are down by 20% this year in Adelaide. He went onto say that in Europe eBikes are now 35% of their sales. To be quite honest I hardly see anyone else on bikes on my commute in the mornings. Though I was please to see a large group of younger teenagers riding up the Veloway during the week, probably because of the school holidays. King George Ave still has a lot of bike traffic. It will be interesting to see the numbers attending the ride to work breakfast in the city on Wednesday the 18th of this month.

I too have a perception that fewer people seem to be commuting on bikes and riding for recreation on the roads although I don't have any data. I do wonder if it is a safety thing. I'm fed up with close passes from cars and trucks. I had a prang with a car which turned across me from the opposite carriageway and whilst I received no injury at all, it certainly made me feel differently about the value of fitness from cycling balanced against being paralysed. 

The annoying thing is that nearly all motorists pass and drive around me in complete safety but that small percentage who can't drive properly, don't know the rules or just don't care are numerous enough to endanger life.

I have questioned whether it is because I ride on my own. Is it the same for road riders who go out in a group? 

Some interesting insights from this year's Super Tuesday count, particularly the bits about fewer city workers and cyclists being allowed on footpaths possibly affecting the numbers.

I've also noticed more kids out and about on their bikes now that it's holidays. We can only hope that some of them, just some, decide to ride to school!


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