I've been out on Linear Park trail and came across a duck at Bonython Park that is as vicious as the worst magpies. Riding along the path closest to the river, coming from the city & heading towards the E'Centre all of a sudden a duck that was in the grass ( i think possible with ducklings) came rushing at me and hissing. It caught me by surprise and I almost veered into the grass, loosing balance. Coming back I took the higher path.

So apart from magpies, now ducks are on my "avoid at all cost" list too. Happy to say the magpies have left me alone so far.

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Yeah, they'll do that. There's usually one aggressive duck in a group (the male?) and it'll come at you while the others run away.

Wow - I was attached by wood ducks a couple of months ago along the linear park - others ducks now? Yikes!

A while since I have cycled Sturt Linear Park, near South Road, and a small lake. When I stopped there to watch the native birds, the abandoned geese were vicious.

Are they wood ducks? Looked very real & scary to me ;-)

Robert, I'm sure it's their natural inclination, but parks aren't my natural riding habitat so it's a new experience.

Haven't done anything else than Linear trail yet, and will probably make it a fixture cause I live just up the road from the oval (heard every single score from the crows the other night), easy route to get in/out the city without traffic/lights.

Beware - attack of the non mammals!

Ducks - Magpies - and soon to come Snakes!

Kangaroos are strictly speaking marsupials and I wouldn't want to hit an echidna!

PS: Blue Tongues in my yard - several!

Also look out for the moor hens around the river through the city. They're not aggressive but they will panic & blindly run right into your path as you ride by. No matter which way you swerve to avoid them, they seem to manage to turn and run the same way too. I've had them run under my bike more than once (luckily between the wheels). This time of year, their tiny little brains are focused on 'other' things, and they're chasing each other around on the path more than usual.

mapgies, ducks, snakes, roos, lizards, hens, galahs, humans in vehicles...

whether it's the parks or the roads, there's dangerous animals everywhere trying to get one over on cyclists ;-)    

I'll just follow the general consensus then; hang up my bike and drive a car everywhere


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