A facebook page “drivers for registration of cyclists” is getting a lot of coverage lately. They are at the moment campaigning through change.org to make it compulsory for cyclists to ride single file. As usual, this type of campaign attracts non-cyclists and anti-cyclists, but it is moderated to some extent by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

While I have some sympathy for some of the things they say, most of their arguments are spurious and easy to refute by anyone with any knowledge or experience of cycling or road safety.

Have a look and see what you think.

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Thought of another reason why some male drivers might hate cyclists – jealousy. A non-cyclist talked about the bike education class at her child’s school. She and other mothers admired an attractively fit male instructor in lycra. So flabby driver, get some cycling exercise, and your wife and you might enjoy the change.

I suspect these motorists rate their attractiveness by the loudness of their motors and can't understand why their wives are looking the other way!

I walked into a Holden dealership yesterday.... (no that's not the start of a joke, or perhaps it is)

We've owned 3 Opel Astra so if I do buy a new car, Holden it is. Since they've finally decided to replace the Commodore with a decent car, I am considering stepping up.... and I think that's all the sales guy heard despite during the whole visit telling him about three times the size of engine doesn't interest me. But they did start a VXR for me, and it does sound loud (no idea what the engine is). I don't think my wife has looked at me though since I told her we might step up (she decides on the colour and she's taken a liking to a colour that's available on the Astra but not on the Commodore).

so perhaps it was a joke.

I don't have facebook and don't pretend to know what is being said. Probably coincidence and not connected but I have noticed people shouting out from cars lately which is something which I had felt had tapered off, probably due to increasing cameras.

It is worrying that there are people who don't appear to accept cyclists as road users. This is evident from the behaviour of a minority of motorists and I'm guessing these are the sorts of people who are vocal critics of cycling on social media.

Knowing it is pointless to try and argue with people who have unreasonable and fixed opinions, I have just reconciled to keep riding, legally and safely. I hope that this will demonstrate that we are not going away and will expect to be respected, whilst respecting pedestrians and other road users.

Anyway, I thought some people might be interested in signing the petition to stop this anti-cycling propaganda that has 50,000 followers.

Incidentally, their own petition calling on compulsory single file and a cycling ban on roads over 80kph has collected almost 27,000 signatures in just 2 months.

As the saying goes: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Just exercising my freedom of speech.

No cycling where speed limit over 80 km/h?
So the illogical drivers want to stop:
-- riding to Victor Harbor
-- bicycle transport where cyclist lives in the country within 10 km of a town
-- cycle-tourism, e.g. Australians and overseas visitors riding from Darwin to Adelaide
-- training rides of world-recognised Australian athletes
-- etc.

Hi Bill,

I note the concerns expressed here about the numbers of 'followers' this 'drivers for registration' page apparently has and about possibly 'closing it down'. Personally I wouldn't bother with either question for one moment. For a number or reasons.

First, registration/licensing of bicycle users (or for that matter, bikes) is a physical, financial, legislative and political impossibility in Australia, and - if evidence matters at all - just about everywhere else in the world! Bike riders own multiple bikes which may or may not get constantly rebuilt. Which bit of the bike do you register? How do you reference the registration - serial number on the frame? What happens when I bust the frame and get a new one? And so on... Do you charge registration bike-by-bike? Do I have to pay more just because I have multiple bikes? Do I buy one licence plate and swap it from bike to bike as needed? Do I have my bike registration on my helmet?

In which case it sounds much more like a 'licence to ride'! If we licence individual bicycle users, at what age do we stipulate they take out (and maybe pay for) a licence? On what grounds do we confer a licence? At what age (and on what grounds) can their licence be removed? How do we write legislation so that it doesn't disadvantage children, those with disabilities and other special groups? How do you justify charging a nation of work-a-holic slobs for participating in the single most effective and accessible exercise option available to them? How do you deal with the hundreds of counter arguments that will be raised by every health authority, bike group, heart foundation and insurance company in the nation? Etc, etc etc...

All road rules in Australia are state-based and agreed to at a regular national meeting of transport authorities to ensure as much agreement as possible across state borders. Do the nongs behind this f/b page actually believe that their puerile and utterly juvenile on-line maunderings are going to persuade cash-strapped and beleaguered state governments to invest scarce funds in the bottomless (and thankless) legislative, enforcement and political pit that either bike registration or cyclist licence would become? It's a complete dead-end that only the most cerebrally inert politician might respond to!

Even the notion of ensuring groups of bicycle users ride single-file is pointless. Such matters are already largely covered by ARRules which, as we know are difficult enough to enforce as they are!

Considering this it should be obvious that this is just another one of those echo chambers that the social psychologists studying the internet seem so fascinated with. It's a dead-end for the participants simply because it won't take them anywhere. Except a little further up where the sun don't shine! The mobile phone has a lot to answer for 'cause it gives such people a framework for exercising their egoism & fantasies! That's it! That's all that's happening here. It's not going anywhere at all. It's just more background noise in a noisy universe. Not even worth being offended by!


Well said Sam. Just ride, be happy, be respectful of other road (and footpath) users and enjoy.

You register the cyclist.  So yes I guess that could be called a license.  But it will be a license that you need to display to pander to the "we can't identify them, red light cameras can't identify them, police can't identify them whinge ..."   So over a certain age you are required to pay a registration / license fee and wear a flouro-vest with your number on it which I guess you have purchased as part of your registration fee.  Well at least that is the kind of thing I've seen suggested.  I agree it seems a very unlikely thing to ever occur.  Has it even been suggested by even the looniest ends of Australian politics ? 

I can't find it now but I'm pretty sure Derryn Hinch has called for registration of cyclists. I don't know if he's ever gone into detail.

You might recall an AC post where the words ‘cyclists’ and ‘drivers’ were exchanged, to show some transport myths are absurd. My post is definitely satirical. Includes some references.

The Australian Road Rules pertain to roads and road-related areas, and includes footpaths, public carparks and road shoulders. The many vehicle occupants become pedestrians when they alight from vehicles. Pedestrians include users of child strollers, mobility scooters (motorised wheelchairs) and any wheeled device that is not a bicycle. There are more pedestrians than cyclists in the CBD, as well as the Adelaide Greater Metro area. 

Rabid drivers will support mandatory pedestrian registration, plus wearing of numbered vests. Rabid drivers will also support increased taxes to pay for extra govt staff (registrar, police, courts). Fortunately not all drivers are rabid and hold illogical views about transport. 

All pedestrians will be registered and required to wear a hi-vis vest with number.
There are more footpaths than bicycle lanes, thus more spent on pedestrian footpaths, so the pedestrian fee will be higher than any cyclist fee.
Hi-vis vests for all pedestrian to reduce casualties of deaths and injuries. See reference below.
Each vest numbered to identify pedestrians who break the road rules, e.g. walk on don’t walk, jaywalk, or even worse use bicycle lanes and bicycle paths.
In a public carpark (e.g. shopping centre, train station, university) every pedestrian will wear their numbered hi-vis vest between a vehicle and their destination. Parents will love fitting numbered hi-vis vests to their squirming toddlers and babies.
If a pedestrian uses public transport, they will wear their numbered vest when walking to the bus stop, in the train station carpark when alighting from a vehicle, when crossing a public carpark at a shopping centre, and when walking along the footpath of a shopping strip.
Pedestrians are not permitted on roads with higher speed limits. So if a flat tyre or similar during a country trip, no person will exit the vehicle (and thus become a pedestrian) to deal with the emergency.
It would be easier if every Australian given an identification number upon birth, to wear at all times on roads and road-related areas.

South Australian pedestrian casualties per year, averaged over the five years 2012–2016.
Fatalities 14; serious injuries 68; minor injuries 241.
Fact sheet: Pedestrians involved in road crashes in South Australia
Published by DPTI in Oct-2017

South Australian cycling casualties per year, averaged over the five years 2012–2016.
Fatalities 4; serious injuries 66; minor injuries 489.
Fact sheet: Cyclists involved in road crashes in South Australia
Published by DPTI in Oct-2017

Is Australia too soft on jaywalking pedestrians?
Chinese authorities use facial recognition and public shaming to crack down on jaywalking and stealing toilet paper
Published by ABC News on 20-Mar-2018
Pedestrians caught jaywalking have their photographs, names and ID numbers instantly displayed on LED screens installed at road junctions.


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