A facebook page “drivers for registration of cyclists” is getting a lot of coverage lately. They are at the moment campaigning through change.org to make it compulsory for cyclists to ride single file. As usual, this type of campaign attracts non-cyclists and anti-cyclists, but it is moderated to some extent by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

While I have some sympathy for some of the things they say, most of their arguments are spurious and easy to refute by anyone with any knowledge or experience of cycling or road safety.

Have a look and see what you think.

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The downside of Facebook pages like “Drivers for registration of cyclists” is that it propagates incorrect and incomplete information and lies, but does not allow other viewpoints. This leads to a mob mentality who think life’s not fair and “it’s the cyclists fault if they get in my way”.

However, there is an upside. If people who post comments on these sites are involved in an incident with a cyclist, their posts can be used in court to demonstrate pre-existing “hostility towards cyclists”:

A case in point.

Further, this may also implicate the page owner for encouraging such attitudes.

I was sure that page used to be a parody page ...

Used to be ... ?

Hhm.  Currently I can't see that page but I could a few days ago.  I wonder if that is temporary or it has been locked down.  I've not even posted anything there. 

I think it must have been taken down.

Here's the new improved version: facebook.com/cyclistregoiscrazy/

Ah that one has more balance :-)

The page is up and running again.

However, there is a petition to get it removed:


It's a hate page if ever I saw one. The roads are dangerous enough without that rubbish. Please sign the petition.

Is there a way to "contact Facebook directly"? Their reporting process only recognises hate speech against race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, and serious disabilities or diseases. It doesn't recognise bullying of individuals based on their mode of transport.

This what I do with facebook:-

suzieq:~ ross$ cat /etc/hosts | grep face
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface facebook.com www.facebook.com connect.facebook.com developers.facebook.com ads.interfacelift.com
suzieq:~ ross$

I should probably add a few domains in there - I use a VM if I ever actually want to peruse something on FB.

It's full of misinformation and they delete anyone with an opposing view (including me). But I don't see a single example of hate speech.

They're better ignored.

Well if you really want to go off line with regard to FB then work out what your "hosts" file is:

Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Mac: /etc/hosts

Then add the few above lines to it with notepad or whatever simple text editor you have. On my Mac I use nano in a terminal. Frankly, I am probably leaking info to FB as those few lines no doubt need adding to!! I will leave that to the gentle reader to research ;-)

For further info on this type "use hosts file to block facebook" into google and follow instructions - added plus - you can stop a lot of crap stuff such as doubleclick et. al. as well. Check out - "hosts file to stop ads" and other pertinant variants. It *will* stop those pesky FB trackers across sites - your PC just won't know where FB is :-)

Of course if you want to look at some FB thingo - you can't, unless you undo the above changes - or run a VM machine or have another PC open to FB...

Free speech?


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