A facebook page “drivers for registration of cyclists” is getting a lot of coverage lately. They are at the moment campaigning through change.org to make it compulsory for cyclists to ride single file. As usual, this type of campaign attracts non-cyclists and anti-cyclists, but it is moderated to some extent by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

While I have some sympathy for some of the things they say, most of their arguments are spurious and easy to refute by anyone with any knowledge or experience of cycling or road safety.

Have a look and see what you think.

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What coverage? I'm not seeing anything on Google News.

It's popped up on my FB from several directions, probably as I happen to have friends and acquaintances outside the "cyclist" bubble. My point is that we need to break out of these bubbles in order to understand where others are coming from, and hopefully avoid "preaching to the choir" as they say.

Registration, SO? Bring it on, but when I'm registered don't expect me to move out of your way anywhere ever!

Irony about my statement is that in many cases on the road, cyclists have the same rights as any other vehicle on the road, and it is the lack of knowledge of these rights by other vehicle users that is causing all this aggravation. Instead of petitioning against cyclists, they should probably all pick up a road rules book and do some studying.

Can anyone check and verify if something I heard is correct? That for SAPOL bicycle officers, OH&S requires them to aim to ride two-abreast on roads. Thus making themselves more visible to drivers, and discouraging vehicles from trying to squeeze past when insufficient space for safe overtaking. I do not know if correct, but have observed police cycling two abreast, even taking up a whole lane on King William St (close to headquarters). Funny that I do not see as much driver aggression around cyclists dressed in police uniforms.

No-one has yet figured out how to make a registration plate on a bicycle readable from more than a few metres away anyway, they might as well be asking for all cyclists to have a giant painted target on their backs.

The suggestion over on the AdelaideNow site is always that wearing a hi-viz vest with your registration number on it should be compulsory.  

Oops.  I take it back.  The person running that site seems to be suggesting a small number plate on the back of the helmet.  Not sure if it is a joke.

According to this site:-


"I have a strong belief that there is an ex cyclist from the Gold Coast named Ian Donk/Ivan Vetsch who is banned from all club level activity who is responsible for this group and that he is a very nasty piece of work as a human being."

So there you go a guy who has been thrown out of cycling clubs with supposed mental health issues getting his jollies by trying to get approval playing to the peanut gallery - oh Australia.

Does anyone know how many cyclists in Australia also have a drivers licence ?  I wanted some data to pop into the "cyclists need to learn the road rules" comment over there.  Not that facts will do probably do much good. 

I tried putting a sensible comment on that page and was quickly blocked. It seems that only views that agree with the page owner are allowed to remain.

Ah thanks for telling me.  I won't bother if that is how it works.


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