Almost got hit by a car tonight. I was coming down Grand Junction just West of Hancock. Car came up to T junction with GJ road and kept going. Would have got me if I had not swerved violently to the right to get around.

It was pitch black (mimimal street lighting there) and I thought I would have shown up well with my bright Mako and Cateye lights - yes two separate lights. I had been impressed with the pool of light they were throwing on the road up to that point. Was also wearing a bright orange fluro vest with reflective tape all over it. Also had two of those 'Be seen be safe" snap on fluro bicycle clip things.

I would put the video up but my initial verbal reaction when it happened would be offensive to many. 

I rolled up next to car at Valley Rd lights. Woman apologised and said she just didn't see me. I was still pretty cross but didn't swear and was not abusive in trying to explain what it is like before she drove off.

I suspect she just didn't look properly or I somehow kept hidden behind a thick windscreen pillar as we both arrived at the same point. It just emphasised what so many have said here before and that is, just assume that you are invisible and they haven't seen you.

The frustrating thing is that this means to be prepared to avoid them, you have to keep under about twenty kph approaching road junctions to have any chance of stopping.

I had to do swerve and go behind a vehicle a couple of months back. Video shows him coming from the left approaching a T junction for ages and he just drove straight at me. I'd be dead if I did not brake violently and go behind him

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I hope you don't use the same approach with tail lights. There is a reason they are so popular.

> There is a reason they are so popular

Umm, ok - what reason?

They are popular to cyclists due to cyclists perceiving them to be safer.

There is proof that flashing lights are picked up sooner but they can make it harder for drivers to judge speed and distance.

There is also proof that in the wet (poor driver visibility) they are easier to see than solid lights.

A good discussion here:

I'll try to find a report I have seen on the distances etc.

I can only see that working if your light is as bright as a motorcycle light (which it might be, but mine isn't).


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