Almost got hit by a car tonight. I was coming down Grand Junction just West of Hancock. Car came up to T junction with GJ road and kept going. Would have got me if I had not swerved violently to the right to get around.

It was pitch black (mimimal street lighting there) and I thought I would have shown up well with my bright Mako and Cateye lights - yes two separate lights. I had been impressed with the pool of light they were throwing on the road up to that point. Was also wearing a bright orange fluro vest with reflective tape all over it. Also had two of those 'Be seen be safe" snap on fluro bicycle clip things.

I would put the video up but my initial verbal reaction when it happened would be offensive to many. 

I rolled up next to car at Valley Rd lights. Woman apologised and said she just didn't see me. I was still pretty cross but didn't swear and was not abusive in trying to explain what it is like before she drove off.

I suspect she just didn't look properly or I somehow kept hidden behind a thick windscreen pillar as we both arrived at the same point. It just emphasised what so many have said here before and that is, just assume that you are invisible and they haven't seen you.

The frustrating thing is that this means to be prepared to avoid them, you have to keep under about twenty kph approaching road junctions to have any chance of stopping.

I had to do swerve and go behind a vehicle a couple of months back. Video shows him coming from the left approaching a T junction for ages and he just drove straight at me. I'd be dead if I did not brake violently and go behind him

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If you ride far enough and long enough, one day SMIDSY disease will get you. I scared myself last week not spotting a car that had right of way through an intersection before me and I consider myself to be an observant driver/rider. With your best efforts you can lengthen your odds but not escape a SMIDSY crash for ever.

Disk brakes? I always worry that this is the sort of incident that'll get me sooner or later. Glad you are (physically) intact! Post the video with edited sound maybe...

Yeah, I might fiddle with the software on the weekend and see if I can learn how to edit the profane blaspheming out. 

Yes, even in daylight, I struggle because so many cars have blacked out windows, I can't actually see if the drivers have looked at me when they approach the T junction. Also, it does not help that some cars have massive brakes and it seen to be kind of cool to bolt up to the T junction full pelt and stop in the last metre. 

The other dangerous thing is when they drive up beside me and suddenly turn left with no indication or warning. However the time I got hit by a car, it was actually turning right from the opposite carriageway, i.e. the lanes with cars travelling towards me.

I am wondering if I need to accept that it is getting too dangerous to ride a bike. 

Simpson, I was wondering if your bike had disks - not the car that almost hit you? I think that if I was commuting on GJ Rd I'd almost certainly go for a bike with disks just to give me a bit of an edge for those times when I really had to stop fast! Unfortunately big hills inevitably mean that gravity takes over... Sam

ps; just leave the 'profanity' in! It's a human response after all!

While I love my disc brakes, I can't see how they help you when you have less than a second to make a life or death decision. Personally I feel that riding with car traffic has risks and the best way for me to manage that risk is to reduce the amount of time I spend riding in traffic. It does make bike commuting so much slower though.

You are of course correct re. the emergency braking Jilden. I was thinking more about just making 'speed management' a bit easier on very long downhills. I'm not suggesting that Simpson may have been 'going too fast' - just reflecting on my own experiences on long hills and the physical effort that goes into managing speed that might perhaps be better spent on staying alert for homicidal drivers...

I used to live 500m from the junction where Simpson was nearly skittled, know it well. Brakes would not have been on for speed management at this point. You would have braked a couple of times in the 2 minutes before to get around the right angle bend then the roundabout at Hancock road.

Hi Savvas

Yes I understood. Yep, have wondered about disks for the bike. Have never ridden one with disks before. I imagine they are way more effective, particularly in the wet.

Profanity fine but blaspheming and profanity together not nice and I don't want to offend people who are religious.

Here is the video Savvas. I gave up trying to bleep the audio. Apologies in advance to anyone who might be offended

Simpson, I hate darkened vehicle glass. Can achieve the same results with clear UV glass and driver sunglasses. Remove sunglasses for safer night driving.

Even the RACV has reservations about window tinting. See Window Tinting under

The SA Govt facilitated the visit of Prof Fred Wegman, a European road safety expert and Adelaide Thinker in Residence 2011–2012.
At a 2010 public meeting, he acknowledged glass tinting can inhibit road safety.

From 1-Jan-2010 South Australia unfortunately relaxed rules on vehicle glass tinting.

Not the political willpower to make cycling safe in Australia.

"You are invisible" - Ah my cycling philosophy for many a year now ;-)

I guess the only other thing to add would be a helmet mounted light?

Have found a quick flash across the windows (usually below eye level..not always)to be helpful at times for those drivers you suspect haven't seen you.


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