Do you know of any compliant bollards in the Adelaide City Council?

Bollards are often irritating, and many of us have damaged our bikes or ourselves by hitting a bollard. After a cyclist was killed last year by hitting a bollard in Goolwa, BISA has decided enough is enough, and is campaigning to get dangerous and unreasonably obstructive bollards removed.

The item aroused the “disappointment” of the Adelaide City Council, so to be fair to them, we are trying to find one of their bollards that meets standards set for bollards. A midi-sized Haighs chocolate frog will go to someone who identifies such a bollard. But if none is identified, the frog will go to the person who identifies the worst bollard anywhere in South Australia.

More to the point, we will campaign to get it removed!

Bollards posted in this discussion (good and bad) will be considered an entry.  

Read more about the competition on the BISA website.  Entries close 17 April.

Here are the standards to make a bollard compliant.  There is another requirement  - that it should meet a proven need - but we are ignoring that one.  It would make it even harder to find a compliant bollard.

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This is a good illustration on trying to do all the right things but still failing.

Bollard is all white with reflectors and painted lines leading up to it.

but whats with the give way sign? firstly its actually in the path and Giveway to what?

the cross over you can see in the picture is a driveway for service vehicles to the tram line.

I assume that's the MTB, southbound, between King William and Goodwood Roads? That's an annoying bollard because I like to move to the centre or right of the path at that point, to make it less likely that I hit a pedestrian coming around the blind corner from the left. It's also a pointless bollard because surely no car is going to try to drive up there.

I interpret that "give way" as "give way to pedestrians". My guess is it's quite old, and would be better replaced by the big "slow down" and "give way to pedestrians" stickers Unley CC have put on the ground in a few places. (e.g. through the park where Forestville stadium used to be). That place you'd photographed could also do with a convex mirror on the right hand side.

Yes at first I thought the giveway was for cyclist to giveway to peds, but how do you giveway to a ped on a blind corner? You would have to come to a complete stop to see someone on a negative corner 

Wouldnt it be better to have a barrier to stop peds entering the track at the blind corner. ie walk 2m west so both parties can see each other before entering and exiting.

It's also worth noting that there's no bollard at the KW end, so a car could drive down the track and get stuck at that end. 

I don't disagree with the general sentiment that the give way sign is silly but I found your question about giving way to pedestrians interesting. Indeed, someone driving a car might say: "how do you give way to a cyclist on a blind corner?" (in fact some drivers are saying this about the new changes to be introduced on the rugby/porter bike way in Unley, particularly with regard to the Porter/Young St intersection, although that will be a stop sign). The answer may well be "stop and look".

On a different note, wasn't that the point in the MTB where you were supposed to get off the path and onto the road? Maybe that's what the give way sign was for.

Do you think its a left over from when the path was smaller? I hadnt thought of that.

Although it's position on the path makes it difficult to exit the path and go onto the road.

ps the blind corner is only for peds and cyclists (its a one way street) there are no cars that way.

We will ask Council why the sign is still there.

In the last couple of days, another bollard on the MTB near here has been ripped out and is lying in the bushes.  I think it is the one a few hundred metres closer to Goodwood Road.  Thanks to the anonymous "council worker" for taking this action. 

Many years ago, a person with an uncanny resemblance to myself undertook a late night citizen's arrest of an unlit grey concrete bollard in the same location, then set it free in the bushes where it could do no harm.  I make no admissions.  

In 21 years riding this route into the City, we have seen two steps forward, one step back.  Widening the path (past the Give Way sign) several years ago was an obvious improvement, but the bollards are unnecessary.  They are effective in slowing down cyclists, but it's at the expense of being able to concentrate on other dangers and the bollards themselves pose a real danger to cyclists. 

Then we had the "Cyclists Dismount" sign, which was universally ignored, then ultimately removed.

The main risk on this path now is the shocking surface, especially up the King William Road end, where tree roots have played havoc with the pavers.  I saw work crews there this morning, but I think it was vegetation management, not surface repair.

I have complained a couple of times to the Unley Council about the condition of the track but the answer is always the same.

"The path is owned by the railways dept and although they do the maintenance they can not repair the track"

Maybe we (adel cyc) should band together and compile a list of everything that needs to be fix and a list of all relevant emails address and everyone email at once?

Kudos on the late night "improvements". 

Equal2Lance, re your suggestion of emailing.
When I joined AC about 2009, there were no reporting apps and limited online form reporting. So I compiled an extensive list of how to report which hazard. This can be puzzling.
I still use my list because I do not have a smartphone. The list is 14 pages in MS Word, so better if I provide only pertinent contact details, upon request.

Hi Mark . I totally agree with you about the shocking surface , , it's getting to the stage of being dangerous for riders , especially when it's busy , I've seen a few close calls in recent times .


On linear path, near Jolly's Boathouse:

These are new, outside a cafe that opened recently in an old rowing shed. I can understand the need to offer some protection for patrons coming in and out of the cafe, but they will be hard to see on a dark and rainy night. I don't expect them to last very long before an SUV wielding parent drives down there in a hurry to pick up their kid from rowing practice and drives straight into them.

I fear those bollards will be the least of your worries in a week or two... try adding tables filled with parents and kids next to the busiest weekend bike/walking/jogging track.

but yes those are hard to see in the dark. At least the company logo is big and clear, might order some to put around my bike shed.


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