Do you know of any compliant bollards in the Adelaide City Council?

Bollards are often irritating, and many of us have damaged our bikes or ourselves by hitting a bollard. After a cyclist was killed last year by hitting a bollard in Goolwa, BISA has decided enough is enough, and is campaigning to get dangerous and unreasonably obstructive bollards removed.

The item aroused the “disappointment” of the Adelaide City Council, so to be fair to them, we are trying to find one of their bollards that meets standards set for bollards. A midi-sized Haighs chocolate frog will go to someone who identifies such a bollard. But if none is identified, the frog will go to the person who identifies the worst bollard anywhere in South Australia.

More to the point, we will campaign to get it removed!

Bollards posted in this discussion (good and bad) will be considered an entry.  

Read more about the competition on the BISA website.  Entries close 17 April.

Here are the standards to make a bollard compliant.  There is another requirement  - that it should meet a proven need - but we are ignoring that one.  It would make it even harder to find a compliant bollard.

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If you look at bollards or sets of bollards closely, any dickhead could drive a small car either thru or around most of them.  The bollards are just a dangerous hazard for bike riders mainly. 

Absolutely agree Peter but they still keep erecting them.
Officers from our local council, Alexandrina, seem to firmly believe the unnecessary bollards they erect must conform to "the" standard & do. Their bollards don't meet the standard as per Ian Radbone's posting. I am hoping Ian can provide the source of his standard & this will be accepted by local councils. I am hoping they will then admit to being wrong & pigs will fly.
In hope
George Bennett

George, you might be aware of this.
Alexandrina Council includes Goolwa Beach.
Cyclist dies after Goolwa Beach crash
Published by The Times On The Coast on 4-Jul-2016


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