Do you know of any compliant bollards in the Adelaide City Council?

Bollards are often irritating, and many of us have damaged our bikes or ourselves by hitting a bollard. After a cyclist was killed last year by hitting a bollard in Goolwa, BISA has decided enough is enough, and is campaigning to get dangerous and unreasonably obstructive bollards removed.

The item aroused the “disappointment” of the Adelaide City Council, so to be fair to them, we are trying to find one of their bollards that meets standards set for bollards. A midi-sized Haighs chocolate frog will go to someone who identifies such a bollard. But if none is identified, the frog will go to the person who identifies the worst bollard anywhere in South Australia.

More to the point, we will campaign to get it removed!

Bollards posted in this discussion (good and bad) will be considered an entry.  

Read more about the competition on the BISA website.  Entries close 17 April.

Here are the standards to make a bollard compliant.  There is another requirement  - that it should meet a proven need - but we are ignoring that one.  It would make it even harder to find a compliant bollard.

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Well I don't like these bollards and they have been in this formation for at least 30 years.
Pretty useless as well as a motor vehicle can simply drive around - derr.

East Tce corner of Bartels Rd:

Yeah, I can imagine a driver mounting the kerb and then thinking, 'damn, how can I get through those bollards?' :)

The ACC have been listening!  I noticed the bollards at East Tce and Bartels were gone when I rode past the other day.

W00T! \(^.^)/

Well Done. 


No reflex reflectors!

Still winning IMO

No they are bollocks.  That's something different.

EDIT: Didn't realise how old this post was. 

These look great but...

when viewed head one they are extremely hard to see, hollow in the middle.

refector is only in the center and gives a false indication on their size

leading is incredibly sharp for a bollard

matt rust colour is light absorbing and difficult to see in low light conditions.

location: Frome Road and Victoria Drive

Plus the reflector can only be view head on which makes it impossible to see as youre traveling down the Frome St bike path.

You could almost say these bollards are designed to create injuries not prevent.

To make things worse, those pavers are extremely slippery in wet weather. (Poor choice of surface on pathways is probably worth it's own discussion!)


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