So I completly dislocated my knee 20mins before closing on Christmas eve. has anyone had this kind of knee injury and if so any tips on a quick but efvective recovery. So far the emergency docs have said 2 weeks off the bike which seems logical to me but any pointers would be a big help. Will see regular docs etc in the coming days.

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Ouchies big did you achieve that? Hope the hospital doctors have given you a physio referral and follow up?

Dont know exactly how. Just turned right and knee buckled. Docs in emergency were good but super quick. keeping beds clear for real emergencies. In and out in under an hour and then of to christmans eve dinner with my bro.

your concern would be would this happen again?An important question....hopemaybe you you follow up through the gp....maybe ask him for physio referral while you are there

You've got damaged/bruised tissue and have to wait for the body to heal itself. I would ask your GP to get xrays and a referral to a specialist to make sure nothings torn, probably best to wait until any swelling is reduced before the xray but if you have a lot of fluid in the swelling your doc should be able to draw this off. I've dislocated my right knee several times in my life due to hyper extending ligaments but this was all before I started cycling regularly. I find that I have no issues with my knees when cycling but I can't jog or run. Take care when climbing stairs or walking up steep hills, one step or small pace at a time, be carefull about carrying heavy weights up stairs. The times I have dislocated my knee are all related to placing unusual stress on the knee, carrying crates of beer upstairs, stepping off a moving sledge and stopping suddenly, trying to push a bogged car, 10 pin bowling and jamming in a corner coming down a helter skelter (circular slippery dip at Monash). You may find that your ability to do shoulder or knee presses is limited in weight lifting has been compromised as the knee may not bend quite so far as it used to.

i would go to sportsmed.    i hurt my ankle and mucked around for more than 12 months with other doctors, before going to sportsmed.     this  surgeon specialises in only feet & ankles, so is truly a specialist.    recently broke my shoulder but hospital emergency did not find it.    soon afterwards i went to sportsmed.  

can book quickly into a sportsmed doctor who, if necessary, will discuss case with sportsmed surgeon or refer to surgeon.

Was on my to do list Heather. Final decision will come down to $$ though and which practice gives best coverage re Mutual Community etc.

Ouch alright. I was also going to mention Sportsmed although I don't know much more about them,

Now come clean. You were playing laps around the shop on the Lil Rippers weren't you!

na that would be irresponsible and contravenes the stores strict OH&S policies. I was ‘king pinning it on a the new di2 Cadent we had just built up. Got it drifting nicely passed the CX bikes on sale and was heading towards the heavily discounted CR1 pro and CR1 SL!  ;)

$3200 is the price on the cr1 pro @ the moment.

Thanks Geoff. And yes it did hurt, far more then any broken bone I have ever had, and I haave had a lot. Took all my powers of medetation to not lose my nut (too much). I suspect it will happen again  hopefully wont hurt as much next time.

Richard Crowley at sports med does a lot of knees.

he did mine.


I dislocated my kneecap playing softball a few years ago (knocked it back in my self, I am tough lol). I went to sportsmed and after a couple of weeks rest they simply suggested physio e.g one legged squats, with weights later to build muscle. As i was poor I just did it at home and then I also started riding my bike. Was the magical cure for me. So I reckon if you can, get back on the bike!


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