Prism’s Tradie Kit
By Nat Bromhead
Posted on 24-Dec-2018
A cyclist believes lycra fashioned on a tradie’s hi-vis vest improves driver behaviour.

Cyclists join high-vis POLITE force to be seen by motorists
Published by Evening Standard on 11-Apr-2013
Available in the UK, a hi-vis vest with the message “POLITE notice THINK BIKE”.

For a short time, these cycling tops were available for Australian cyclists.
High-visibility vest for cyclists available over the internet is too close to ours, police say
Published by The Daily Telegraph on 14-Mar-2016
Some cyclists noted changes in driver behaviour, either more courteous or more aggressive.

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I nearly ordered one of the Polite vests a couple of years ago, but read somewhere that they are too hot for cycling (thick, heavy material). They were intended for horse riders and motorcyclists.

I would happily wear one if it was cycling specific. If I was pulled in by the police for questioning, it would give me a chance to ask them about all those close-pass / dangerous driving reports I've made that haven't been followed up.

Henry, I took a closer look at a photo of a Polite vest. It is solid rather than mesh so not the best for cycling.
Some years ago the standard in Australia for work safety vests was changed to ‘solid’, and it became harder to source mesh vests that suit cycling.
This business used to stock orange mesh vests. Floorsafe Australia Pty Ltd, 88 Gibson St, Bowden, ph 1300 717 769

Thanks Heather, I'm not really into hi-vis vests, but it's the "Polite" banner and checker stripe that appeals to me. It would make some of the anti-cycling bigots think twice before threatening my life.


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