Deakin Uni working on a "Smart Bike" for UCI World championships in October

Just saw this story that Deakin Uni engineers are working on an Aussie "smart bike" for the upcoming Worlds in Geelong:

The difference with ours is that our bike will be UCI compliant, that is it can be used by the Cadel Evans’s and Simon
Gerrans’ of the world in competition events like the Tour de France,”
Dr Collins said.

“So our project, as well as highlighting the research skills we have at Deakin, particularly in a range of advanced manufacturing areas, will have an
impact in the broader community.

“Both recreational and competitive bike riders will benefit from what we are doing with the potential to make bikes cheaper and increase safety
without reducing their performance standards.

“Rather the overall performance of bike and rider will be increased.”

I have worked with the engineers down there & they're pretty smart cookies, so something cool might come out of it.

-- Pat.

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Heh heh ;)

much as I love Le Tour you do have to laugh - now it's got harder to cheat by drug-enhancing the human body, they turn to technology as the next frontier ;) I read that the very first tour was marred by some cyclists taking trains on the longer legs.


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