In the video you can see the car stays parallel to me then starts to veer more over to the left.

The verge of the road has plenty of loose gravel so entering that area would have been pretty dangerous for all.

Peter behind me. Has suffered a broken neck due to a cycling accident. So am sure he wouldn't have been a happy boy. Who's to say what could have happened if he had come off due to this clowns actions?

If you look at my right hand I take it off the bars and hit the guys quarter panel, ( he was defiantly on the way to knocking me off ) he veers over to the right fractionally then comes in for the next cyclist

Not sure if the Video will show up so if not will be posted in the video section on the right hand side.

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The car seemed to take ages to over take.

Their actions have the feel of an ageing driver who loves his or her classic car and want to stay within the double white lines and don't know the width of their car and can't maintain a straight line. 

Yeah, that's what I thought as well.

Mallala is not the safest place to be on a bicycle (or in a car for that matter) when the motorsport park is on.  It seems it is a ticket to flaunt the law.  I live just out of the town and every weekend we have the same thing, idiot wannabe race drivers doing burn outs on all the dirt roads and intersections.

This section was just entering Willaston

Older car in good condition may mean an older driver with "reduced skills". Not excusing this but sometimes people are just not aware of where the various parts of their car are. Once the front part of their car clears you they don't think about the rest of it. Scary for sure but doesn't look particularly malicious in the video.
May be time for this driver to have a licence retest or hang up the driving boots!

Hear what your saying Rod

But are we all getting dulled down and starting to accept this sort of behaviour?

For it to look malicious should we wait to be knocked down?

In the video he comes in for the cyclist, once past you will notice he then takes to driving a lot closer to the double white lines. What does that tell us. Seriously when should you have to switch your brain on when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Old farts don't generally go to the trouble of non standard engine swaps.

The driver probably wasn't an "old fart" when the conversion was done sometime waay back in the 80s. He's probably suffering from terminal cataracts now, rather than spite.

That bulge is the "250" bulge, Cortina TD 250(rare car now), its 4.1 litres inline 6 as I also notice the std exhaust. 4.9 ford motor isn't even Australian(was in a f100) I think you mean 5.0 .I build race cars as a hobbie and I would like to expain not every car enthusiast is a hoon, I am very respectful of cyclist.

We need to share the road, this driver seems to be driving like a grandpa, he passed me ok. You always get this on this road, maybe its not wide enough?, if its not the "motorsport hoons" its the sheep trucks that turn onto the dirt roads in front of you. You don't have to be a hoon to run a cyclist of the road, 40 cyclist ?racing? on the road? we need to be aware of the focus on us too.

Again not everyone involved with motorsport wants to ram a cyclist of the road, some even ride a bike themselves.

It sure didn't look nice but im sure the driver was un aware.

yes the 70s XC falcon v8 was called 4.9 so you are right, however the same 302ci was called 5.o during the 80s XD days to AU falcon. So we are both right :).

edit ED-AU falcon 90s..

Cannot edit post around here!?

To me it look like the driver was too scared to cross the double white lines, "because it's highly illegal". its a mind set thing where you must stay in your lane!! at all costs!

The Queensland rule of 1m and allowing drivers to cross any lines they want is such a smart rule. (and yes I know I used the word smart and Queensland in the same sentence)


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