It looks like the State Government could be close to finding a solution for cyclists getting around stop 16

State Government close to solution for cyclists falling off bikes crossing tram tracks at Jetty Rd, Glenelg 

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The German rubber thingys sound good. I wonder if they'll only be installed near the tram stop or along the full length?

It sounds like someone didn't do a proper risk analysis in the first place.

I hope they actually install the solution soon, rather than dithering about it for years!

I recall my mother saying she had gotten her wheels caught in the tram tracks and fell. That would have been over seventy years ago!

That's great news. This is an extremely poorly thought through piece of infrastructure that forces cyclists to either cross the tracks or mount the footpath - neither desirable, albeit a good piece of assistance for our handicapped commuters to be able to board trams with greater ease.

I had a riding mate come unstuck badly here on Sunday morning on the way to the start of the Coast to Coast ride. As a result of his fall he suffered a pretty nasty blow to the head, and missed out on a magnificent days' ride.

On reflection of the morning's events - he took the tracks at what both he and I thought would be sufficient angle to safely cross but his front wheel dropped in to the groove and high-sided him suddenly, thankfully away from the traffic and clear of the kerb, as he landed squarely on his shoulder and side of the helmet which took the majority of the brunt of the fall...

I look forward to a sensible and practical fix.

Even though I get what your trying to say, being flung over the bars isn't a high side.

A high side is a motorcycle term where the rear tyre starts to skid sideways and then suddenly grips again which can result in the bike flipping & throwing the rider of.

It's possible.... done it.  Too much weight on the front.

Photo of a warning sign in Christchurch NZ.

I assumed the solution would be some "Cyclists Dismount" signs.

How about a ramp at each end so that cyclists can easily use that part of the footpath. It is fenced off from the main footpath, so I assume it's not especially busy with pedestrians.

I agree with Dave M that the Jetty Road is not a very safe place to cycle, because it doesn't have a bicycle lane and a lot of the traffic is unpredictable (i.e. dangerous).

But my ideal long term solution though would be to drastically lower the speed limit (e.g. to 25) so that cycles can safely go up the middle without riding in the door zone; or even close a section of it to cars altogether. Surely it would make it more attractive if it was safer for bikes and pedestrians. And it would be no great loss to car drivers: when I go to Glenelg by car I avoid Jetty Road anyway, because the traffic is too clogged and slow.

Just returned from the Melbourne VVCC swap meet. Things to note in Melbourne are the absence of kerb side tram platforms and the religeous use of 40 km/h on tram routes. The worst thing is this tiny bike lane in the door zone that makes up for some pathetic attempt for bike infrastructure. Luckily Melbourne drivers are often stationary during peak hours, making cycling the obvious choice.


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