Is there anyone interested in joining the Central Districts Cycling Club cyclo team? There are a number of masters age riders wanting to participate @ the next race at the range on the 13th March. The cyclo in a nutshell is not a race but a team time trial, a group of 5-9 riders timed over a course. You need a licence, minimum is a Sport licence costing $125. This can be upgraded during the year to a full licence. We will not be fast but just getting out there & having a ride. We will not necessarily be masters only, we will take any age. The intention is to introduce people into the sport & have a laugh.

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I already ride for the Santos team, but can vouch it's really fun and challenging, and they give away big trophys each Round! They look impressive on your mantle piece :)

I could definitely be keen for this. It's about time I did some racing!


So what are the other costs involved?

Alex - we have two PACC teams already - can slot you into the next one :-)

it's $20 a pop and you also need a transponder.  you're going to need to upgrade your license for CX anyway ;-)

Righto! I just don't expect to be fast is all! And I'm contemplating doing it fixed gear in the tradition of the 1950's British TTs (and O'Grady!). But maybe not... we'll see.

Chris in our team is already riding fixed, so you'll not be the only one :-)
72" :-)

47 x 17 - that's what I run on my SS roadie. Spinny!


I might gear up a bit from that.


most 90"-92"

or you couldbe like me and ride an 86"


hmmmm maybe i need to switch it up for training tonight....

I know some people who did this last year, and took it quite seriously. If you do, there's a definite emotional cost to being dropped by your team :-)
Yes there are some teams that go pretty hard. This is not what we are about in this type of event, our club is hoping to introduce a few newcomers to the sport. Our aim is to get every rider over the line together, ie not be faster than our slowest rider. This will be a group of riders that have or do currently race & some people that have never raced. However it is not a team of hardcore racers, it is a chance to promote our club & the sport.


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