Cyclists police and ambulance Anzac Highway 11am today

I saw a group of cyclists a police car and Ambulance on Anzac Hwy Glenelg this morning at 11am... I'm hoping no one was seriously injured.. Please take care out there everyone...

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All I can say is, Report the bastards if you get details, the more reports that flow the more of an issue it may become! Otherwise we are duck's and it's Open Season!

I would strongly advise anyone hit to speak with a solicitor and see what your rights are, you may be surprised by the comments you receive and I am not talking about money or payouts....

The more the MAC insurance is impacted with claims the more attention we may receive.

If we remain the typically silent majority Australian then we will continue to recieve the road kill status we obviously have now!

Ride safe and look out for each other...

Well put. You speak for many of us on this forum based on the comments on various discussions today.


Patrick, can you provide the link? Also invite the cyclist to join AC and vent his anger with cyclists who know what he is talking about. (With a broken arm, the injured cyclist may be unable to type for a while.)

It sounds like AC members are getting fed up enough to start lobbying the authorities to do something. Like improve road design, vehicle design, driver education and ARR like legislation of 'strict liability'.


Hi Everyone,

I was asked by the cyclist in question to update you on this event as it became known to them that it was raised here but they are not an AC member.


Two friends of mine were cycling single file in the Bike Lane on Anzac Highway (Novar Gardens) about 11 am, when an elderly gentleman (in his 80's) pulled out of a side street and knocked them both off. The female rider took the brunt of the force, though her injuries were realitvely minor, mainly soft tissue and muscular, she is not able to ride yet, but hopes to be back on her bike in a week or 2 :( To quote the driver "He was only looking for cars".

A police report was made but the riders were unsure if the driver would be charged with anything.

Finally  her front wheel is "wobbly" and she is having the frame of her bike checked out but fingers crossed that it is all right.

Expect the unexpected everyone :)



"He was only looking for cars" - why is this because bicyles are a newer invention thans cars??

I don't want this to be an bash at the older generation, but as the population ages, this will only get worse!

Yes my thoughts exactly. I wonder if 60 years ago when cars were less common if this happened less?

I'm pretty sure bicycles came before combustion engine cars.

The big issue is the poor road design that doesn't allow cars to see up/down the road without encroaching on the bike lane.

My father in law did something similar - pulled out of Harvey Norman (in Marion turning right) and misjudged the traffic.  One car didn't stop in time and hit his car.


I'm not sure of the official term, but he was fined a few hundred...


It would appear to be different if the collision is between cars?


It's crap!



Simon, how about posting Your Experiences on AC group of Look For Cyclists? One day it will be a resource for lobbying for better cycling conditions, including negligent drivers fined when they hit cyclists.
Sadly, the MAC ad 'A metre matters' is just bullsh*t. In the ad the motorist is seen being put into a police car after hitting a cyclist. In my case, the driver (under 18) who turned right across my path and hit me head on, was given a pat on the head by the police and told that a note would be sent to her parents. Meanwhile, I was left with the broken bone, the disrupted life and the bent bike.

Peter, join my group Look For Cyclists and post under Collisions and Your Experiences.

Putting together a resource to be used later to lobby for improved cycling conditions, eg better road design, better driver education, better legislation like Strict Liability, even mandatory fining of negligent drivers. I have been injured three times by drivers, left with permanent back injuries, and yet not one was fined. One of the drivers actually refused to pay for my damaged bike.

>One of the drivers actually refused to pay for my damaged bike.

This is one of the few cases where the threat of taking legal action is easy and likely to have a good outcome. If you can prove negligence on the part of the driver then you will prevail, obviously if they were not charged with any traffic offence then it makes it difficult to prove.

Draw up a letter of demand, detailing your claim, stating that the damage to your property was a result of their negligence, include a copy of quotes or invoices for the damage and state that you will take legal action for recovery of the debt if its not paid within 14 days. Keep it clear and concise. Send it to them by registered mail. If they fail to pay obtain a Final Notice of Claim (Form 1A) from the Small Claims Court for about $20 and send it to them by registered mail. If they don't pay within 21 days then you can decide if you want to take it further.

Taking it further is a decision that you have to make and which may open you to costs if you loose. Its very cheap to take action in small claims court - as to whether you should follow through is up to you and/or your lawyer to decide - If someone ran over my bike I would do it just to annoy them as the costs they can claim if you loose are pretty much capped - but once again that is a matter for legal advice and not the say so of an Internet forum.


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