Cyclists police and ambulance Anzac Highway 11am today

I saw a group of cyclists a police car and Ambulance on Anzac Hwy Glenelg this morning at 11am... I'm hoping no one was seriously injured.. Please take care out there everyone...

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Don't like the sound of that Bec....hope nothing serious.
This morning's Unley Rd tragedy, now more disturbing news here, and I had my own (fortunately injury free) meeting with a car this morning too. Enough Already, it's getting to me. Best wishes to anyone who has been affected by these terrible incidents.

I have felt more unsafe than usual the last few days. Recently I've personally had more than the daily average of close shaves. Many drivers have a noticeably aggressive driving style these days and appear to have no fear of law or even any respect for lower forms of road life. 

@ Roger we have to be very careful out there... I had a very close call on Cross Rd on Tuesday getting squeezed out of the lane by a bus.. I lost my balance but luckily was able to regain.... I will not be going on that Rd again in Peak hour
Report the bus driver. All bus's have a video camera that tapes in front of the bus.  This video is stored for 2 months on the bus and can be stripped and used as evidence against the bus driver.
Interesting. I reported a bus driver last year and heard nothing back. Now I know there is video evidence, I will be more assertive in my complaints. Bec F had an awful incident with a bus this week (see post above). Wonder if she got the rego or bus number.
Exactly the same story here Heather!
By AC members swapping notes, we are learning how to be assertive / persistent in reporting negligent drivers.
You don't need the rego or bus number. The route number, time and location is all that they need to identify a particular bus and driver

Yes, report them. Some sent me a report and after a few weeks a response.

Here it is:

Dear (name withheld)
Thankyou for your feedback concerning cyclists on Pulteney St. Transitplus takes this issue very seriously. I have taken steps to reiterate to our drivers and staff as to what is expected of them with regards to road safety and courtesy to all road users including cyclists. In future please feel free to report any incident as this is how we know that our people are driving correctly.

Courtesy to Cyclists

There have been a number of complaints over the last few months from cyclists relating to perceived near miss incidents.

This is a significant concern. It seems that most of the incidents involve the shared bus/cyclist lane in Pulteney Street.

Please ensure that you respect cyclists on the road as you would any other road user. Allow a reasonable amount of space between you and the cyclist when overtaking; be prepared to change lanes to make the manoeuvre safely.

And when following a cyclist in traffic, remember that a large vehicle such as a bus can be intimidating, do not tail gate and allow plenty of room to stop in an emergency.

Be mindful of cyclists around your vehicle; ensure that you regularly check your mirrors, particularly when changing lanes or direction.

Be patient, on approaching a bus stop, do not overtake a cyclist to then block the carriageway ahead of the cyclist.

All complaints are investigated. Routinely, forward vision is taken from buses to investigate complaints relating to alleged unsafe driving. Drivers will be disciplined when an allegation of unsafe/ negligent driving is proven.

I thank you for your cooperation.

In my case the video was forwarded to the police.

Snappy glad you are ok... what happened? 


What happened on Unley Rd?


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