At my workplace this sign has just been placed at the entrance to the building car park. I couldn't resist adding something.   In case you can't read the fine print, it says:

Thanks for your patronising, insulting instructions.

What advice do you have for car drivers descending this dangerous ramp?

Seriously, WTF?   If there are dangers in descending a ramp (duh, like there are no dangers on ROADS) then why are the dangers supposedly confined to cyclists?

This is offensive.

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In that case, may I suggest a new sign: "Don't do anything that directly or indirectly results in injury or loss to you or others"

Nobody at my work has complained yet about me walking my bike in through the foyer, carrying it up the stairs (one flight) in the atrium and parking it on the landing outside my office window. There can be up to three road bikes in the landing in that area, and sometimes two mountain/hybrid bikes in offices as well.

If you can drive down there, you can ride down there. This sign is advisory only and doesn't have legal status.

Just try getting a little creative ......

My work also has signs asking cyclists to walk the ramp, they also have 5 km/h signage which is ignored by most car drivers, the worst offender being the managing agents!!

Because car drivers can not be expected to drive safely.

And architects cant make ramps that are safe.

If it is dangerous for bikes it must be dangerous for cars.

Perhaps the car-park should be closed to cars for safety reasons?

Victory!  At my request, my employer (the building owner) asked the building managers why the sign was there, and the building manager agreed that it was unnecessary.  This morning, the offending part of the sign has been painted over (but it still looks pretty silly next to the other sign):

Goes to show that sometimes the original reason for things gets lost in the annals of time and sometimes the reason was always stupid but no one really cared enough to do anything about it. Also goes to show that asking for something to change is better than just whinging about it.

I noticed this tonight after the football.  It is the entrance to the carpark under the office building at 45 Pirie Street - I don't remember the sign being there last time I walked past.

I reckon it would be more dangerous to walk bike down than ride it (especially with cleats).

I'll bet it's Knight Frank at work again - probably the same genius who ordered the sign erected at my workplace.

Perhaps they don't realise that cyclists wear cleats, and are at greater risk walking?

Most likely is Knight Frank, the entry into Westpac House via Hall Ct just off Waymouth Street. It is more hazardous to walk down in cleats.. silly.


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