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Sometimes reporting to police brings good results. -- posted on 20-May-2011 -- good outcome when reporting a passenger who threw object at cyclist

The following may inform cyclists who have objects thrown at them. – Post of Gemma K on 24-Jun-2011 – charged with "Throw Missile To Cause Injury Or Damage To Property" – The full forum thread is here

1. -- about May-2010 bottle with alcohol thrown at Teddles

2. -- post of 13-Oct-2010 -- Mark Matthew has had bottles thrown at him on Port River Expressway

3. -- 1-Nov-2010 plastic thrown at Aurora Murphy on Anzac Highway

4. -- in Dec-2010 a car passenger threw soft drink cup with fluid at John Hogan and his children in trailer -- (date not stated) sandwich thrown at Kara T -- 12-Dec-2010 things thrown at Robert M -- Dohandude has had several things thrown at him -- Nathan Ross has had several things thrown at him

5. -- post started 8-Jan-2011 -- McDonalds drink thrown at JDL -- half-full bottle thrown at Heather -- something thrown at Tim Bourner, police called it assault -- air rifle targeted David Brook's friends -- Rusty Chisel slapped with thong -- some years ago, full cans of beer thrown at Mark -- full can of coke thrown at 30 cyclists and James Jordan -- coin hit Adam G (small things at speed hurt)

6. -- on 16-Feb-2011 object thrown at Nigel Griffiths

7. -- 16-Mar-2011 Mark Ellul blinded by white powder thrown at him, then later that evening fast food rubbish thrown at him -- a few weeks ago object thrown at Nigel Griffiths

8. -- 31-May-2011 Bec F deliberately hit with big green object on Lady Gowrie Drive in North Haven -- couple of months ago Nigel Griffiths hit with probably baseball cap -- 3-4 weeks ago during Cobwebs ride on Victoria Drive near North Haven, Shane Sody observed 2 young women standing on side of road, waiting to smack cyclists' bums -- couple of years ago, Sam F's girlfriend smacked with object -- truck passenger smashed bottle on road in front of Kevin White -- almost 2 years ago, cyclist hit by object on Seaview Road -- some years ago, a car veered towards Heather so that passenger could hit her buttock -- a few months ago Nigel Griffiths hit by object -- about 12 months ago, Trevor Hill hit on Morphett Road near Oaklands when a passenger hung out of window to swing iron bar, giving Trevor a sore bloody elbow -- in 1995 when new helmet legislation, Robert Rau on Morphett Street Bridge hit on head by thrown beer bottle, thank goodness for new helmet -- Dave had object thrown at him, perhaps ice -- Heather hit on O'Connell Street by small item thrown by car passenger -- Heather's bike hit by passenger who hung out car window to throw half-filled bottle at her -- a couple of years ago, rustychisel hit by car passenger with a thong on Anzac Highway -- rusty chisel over the years hit with several objects

9. -- 4-Jun-2011 Sportsbeer hit with orange juice between Clarendon and Blewitt Springs

10. -- 18-Jun-2011 Robert Rau hit in the eye by hamburger thrown by car passenger on Marion Road -- Kate L on Germantown Hill hit by fries thrown from vehicle -- Jon Hogan hit with coke and another time hit with cup of ice -- few months ago on a Saturday night, Iordan Kostadinov hit by eggs on The Parade, Norwood -- drink thrown at Iordan Kostadinov on Port Road

11. -- 19-Jun-2011 Ricky pelted with eggs from passing van

12. -- 1-Jul-2011 Rob Rau assaulted on Marion Road, Marion -- passenger in white hatchback hit Rob on behind

13. -- 5-Jul-2011 Reidy verbally abused on Phillip Highway -- unstated date Bobby had his behind slapped

14. – 7-Aug-2011 last week Richard Cooke hit with food on Victor Harbor Road – 15-Aug-2011 near McLaren Flat, driver deliberately swerved towards Richard Cooke – 15-Aug-2011 near Clarendon, P-plater driver vigorously tooted Richard Cooke – Ian Clifford hit by can of alcohol. Rego plate did not match the car – Griffo had drink can thrown at him – Griffo hit with baseball cap by someone hanging out a car window – Clive Palfrey showered with water on St Bernards Road

15. 23-Aug-2011 on Magill Road, a car passenger threw a lit firework at Spartacus

16. – 6-Dec-2011 Tony Bell hit by coffee dregs emptied out of vehicle window

17. – 22-Dec-2011 Matt K's friend attacked by yobbos in car. They drove up close and started hitting him through the windows as he rode down Hadley Street, Henley Beach South.

18. – Clayton Marsland reported incident where cyclists attacked. Driver and passenger were charged and found guilty.

19. – 23-Dec-2011 Don Nairn hit by vegetable thrown from vehicle.

20. – not long ago on Glen Osmond Road, bogans threw their drink at us and hit my mate.

21. – 27-Jan-2012 Mark S riding at Victor Harbor with his 7 and 9 year olds when 2 middle-aged persons in vehicle verbally abused them with “it's illegal to ride 2 abreast”. Scaring children when it is the car occupants who do not know the road rules. Mar continues: On the positive side, at least your kids were not egged, had a full can of drink thrown at them, spat on, sworn at loudly at, had an engine revved loudly at them, been touched on their bottoms by creepy hands hanging out of car windows, forced off the verge by the car . . .just a few of the little gems I have experienced from the not so nice drivers of Adelaide.

22. – 12-Mar-2012 on Port Road at Entertainment Centre. Womble forced to brake, although he had green light, to let group of males cross the road. Then deliberately knocked to ground. Assault!

23. – On Friday 1-Feb-2013 on Morphett Street, Hoffman assaulted by bolts thrown at him from a white twin cab ute. Chased vehicle to get rego and watched them repeatedly drive through red lights and on the wrong side of the road. Reported to police.

24. -- On Thursday 28-Mar-2013 on Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park, GTrev assaulted with ice thrown from van.

25. -- On 9-Dec-2013 an irate driver deliberately ran his vehicle into a bicycle which was stopped in a kerbside traffic lane with dual arrows for turn left and straight ahead. Cyclist hozozco and driver both reported to police, who explained to driver that he was in the wrong.


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