Serious hit-run crash Coorong 17-Jan-2019
Posted by SAPOL on 17-Jan-2019
Emergency Services crews are currently at the scene of a serious hit-run crash involving a cyclist on the Princes Highway Coorong.
Just before 8.00am Thursday 17-Jan-2019, a motorist discovered a cyclist on the side of the Princes Highway about 50 km north of Kingston SE.
Major Crash Investigators are attending the scene which is being treated as a hit-run collision.
Police are searching the area for any vehicles with front end damage or broken lights.
Traffic restrictions currently apply on the Princes Highway, anyone with information on the crash is asked to contact the police assistance line on 131 444.

Hunt for driver after cyclist hit in South Australia's Coorong region
Published by ABC News on 17-Jan-2019

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Two cyclists were riding north on the Princess Highway.
A 60yo male cyclist from Victoria died at the scene.
Hard on family and friends, plus his cycling buddy.

Appeal for information to fatal collision - Coorong

Hunt for driver after cyclist killed in South Australia's Coorong region

A very sad event. Obviously circumstances are unknown so I will refrain from speculation.

There was some cringe-worthy commentary on cyclists versus motorists on ABC 891 local radio this evening. To be fair, Peter Goers commenced the segment with respectful reference to the tragedy and then invited discussion on enmity between motorists and cyclists.

In his own mind, I'm sure that he thinks he was balanced and fair, however his repeated references to the "lycra set" and "lycra brigade" tended to give away his crotchety, bitter old man's annoyance at cyclists. He did say that he rode a bike eighty years ago, so he must be fair and balanced I suppose.

I don't wear lycra at all as I ride in my every day clothes and yet some motorists still try to kill me, so I can attest that avoiding lycra won't help.

Unbelievably, the main thrust of the discussion was that some cyclists don't have bells on their bikes. One would think that annually, pedestrians are being killed by cyclists rather than cyclists being killed by motorists but apparently facts and statistics are not too important in a blinkered radio discussion.

Lo an behold, it then descended into a "cyclists should be registered" rant. Apparently if a cyclist does something stupid, then it would be really useful to report them to police. I also am frustrated by stupid behavior by cyclists, but I pointed out that when I report dangerous driving by motorists, with video evidence, nothing happens, so I wouldn't get too excited about being able to make reports about cyclists. He didn't read out the text however.

I should have turned off because it is always so predictable. People complain that they are obstructed daily by cyclists riding en masse, more than two abreast. I can honestly say that I have never seen this but I wonder if people imagine things when they work themselves into a frenzy. One thing that Goers did acknowledge is that he gets frustrated at having to slow down or wait for cyclists.

I reckon he hit the nail on the head with this one. I think too many motorists are enraged by having to alter their speed or modify their line due to the presence of a cyclist. I wonder how many of them feel the same by having to slow for a truck? 

Sadly the notion of respecting and driving carefully around pedestrians and cyclists seems to have disappeared from driver training.

Today because of the heat I took my wife shopping around Bridgewater and Verdun. And lo, not just one, or two, but THREE bunches of cyclists slowed my rate of travelling. Being a cyclist myself, I happily kept a safe distance behind as I knew that on the next downhill (Germantown Hill) they would probably ride faster than I liked to drive. All in all a couple of minutes were spent admiring fitter cyclists than me riding confidently. Some car drivers on the other hand didn't do as well in the confidence stakes and drove in a manner best described as "flustered". Some education on road manners would do their temper a load of good.

Condolences to the family and friends of the Victorian tourist who was killed on SA roads today.
And by a driver who did not have the decency to stop.

Diverging from the original topic to the media ‘welcome’, although pertinent because such attitudes encourage cyclist-vehicle incidents.

I will guess the many tourist cyclists currently in Adelaide for the TDU were too busy enjoying themselves to listen to the crap radio show. Otherwise they might have been surprised that some hostile drivers do not want them here.

The 2018 Santos TDU attracted 810,000 spectators and a record 46,000 event-specific visitors. Event-specific visitors are those visitors who have travelled to SA from interstate and overseas specifically to attend the Santos TDU.
The 2018 Santos TDU generated a record $63.7 million in economic benefit for SA. The event created approximately 774 full-time equivalent jobs.

The 2017 Santos TDU was recognised as one of Australia’s best major events, taking out a bronze award at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.

Man charged over Coorong fatal crash
Posted by SAPOL on 17-Jan-2019
A man has been charged with cause death by dangerous driving, two counts of drive without due care and leaving the scene of an accident.

Best mate pays tribute to cyclist killed in Coorong hit-and-run as accused granted bail
Published by ABC News on 19-Jan-2019
Darryl Adams and Peter Little travelled from Melbourne to Warrnambool by train, before starting the ride to Tour Down Under.
Darryl Adams of Brighton East was a technician with Victoria Police and is survived by his wife and two sons.

Condolences to the family and friends.

I just do not understand why such drivers drive away .. they tend to get caught and the out comes are worse for them - stay and help.


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