On the TV News just now that a cyclist on a motorised bicycle was hit last night on The Causeway at Exeter. The 35-year-old is seriously injured and fighting for his life. Charges to be laid against the driver.

Will add link at AC group Look For Cyclists in summary of Collisions.

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I saw an elderly man on a scooter was hit yesterday at Exeter but then this morning heard a cyclist at Exeter was dragged under a car, so not sure what's going on with cars v smaller road users out at Exeter


Mark, let us hope that Adelaide Cyclists and group Look For Cyclists provides an opportunity for change.
Too right!

Does anyone know anything more about this?


I wonder if it was a petrol-bike or electric-bike?  Many of the petrol bikes that I see are massively overpowered and clearly illegal.  There is a small group of them that ride up and down the veloway dressed in black with no lights - doesn't do their image much good.


Regardless of what is was they don't deserve to get run over of course.  I hope the rider pulls through OK.



was a petrol one they showed on the news
Simon, I bolded motorised so that Adelaide Cyclists members unlikely to be wondering if they knew the injured person. A concern that if a driver cannot see a motorised bicycle, they may also be unable to see a pedal-powered bicycle. The news stated that charges are to be laid against the driver, so the driver appears to be negligent.


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