I really cant believe this. A cyclist has been killed today at Cavan. The Adelaide Now has a story here: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/cyclist-killed-i...


This is so, so sad and without trying to be over dramatic has effected me somewhat. I ride this same route weekly. This particular stretch of road I do find scary, with trucks whizzing by at speed. With a bit of blind faith you hope that you have been seen and the appropriate amount of distance provided.


To think of what the impact this will have on their family and friends....My thoughts are with them.


I wont be riding this stretch again.


Please stay safe people.

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I just heard on the ABC radio news headlines.

Terribly sad news. My heart goes out to this person's family and friends and the driver of the vehicle who will carry this weight for the rest of their lives.

No doubt more will come to hand over the next little while. This Saturday has been nominated as a day to remmebers cyclists who have died or been killed this week. It's terrible to have to have to remember another one of us.

Stay safe.

Not a good week for cycling deaths.
I recall people on one of the cycling forums talking about the dangers of that intersection, can't remember now or why, it was a while ago. The story has been updated to read a female cyclist as the victim.

I'm at work and i have heard this while passing the radio. I have just heard from a customer that it was a young girl, a kids bike lays near by. I do not know if this is true but it is very sad for any loss of life.


I to ride this intersection every day, or when commuting.


My heart goes out to this person's family and friends.

Keep safe ppls



Just drove past. Felt sick when I saw the bike. Brings back bad memories 

Definitely a bad stretch of rd. It needs a separate bike path like the NEXY
this is terrible, another death on our roads, lives destroyed. Photo shows commuter bike, pannier bag and orange vest lying on road. Another invisible bicycle rider... My heart goes out to the family and friends of another victim of motor transport.. Keep safe out there everyone.
The link has just been updated with a witness report of what happened......very sad.

The witness report says the cyclist was stopped at the intersection. When cycling off, became unsteady and fell under the truck. Sad.

Surely the cyclist's death could have been prevented with better cycling facilities. Excuse me writing the following, but cyclists need to advocate for better cycling infrastructure to prevent repeats.

The Driver's Handbook recommends that drivers leave a minimum of one metre when overtaking a cyclist. Austroads recommends that trucks, travelling at 60km/h, leave a metre clearance to the bicycle envelope when overtaking. If South Australia kept up with the Victorians, there would be a marked one metre or more buffer between a bicycle lane and travel lane on this freight route.

Can Darren and Robert enlighten me / us? What is the speed zone? Is there a bicycle lane? Is there a one metre (or more) marked buffer between bicycle and travel lanes? I know the answer to the latter is no.

In Sep-2009 I started lobbying the State Government, Minister Patrick Conlon and Prospect Council to leave more space and a buffer between cyclists and trucks when narrowing freight route Churchill Road. The narrowing has been completed and median strips now being installed. But authorities will not narrow the median strip to allow for a buffer between cyclists and trucks.

Very sad to hear about the accident, some of my workmates coming to work on arvo's asked me to be safe on the roads, they saw the aftermath (not that this intersection is on my commute home).

Heather, the speed limit along Pt Wakefield Rd and Montague Rd (the intersection) is 70km. There are no bicycle lanes on Pt Wakefield Rd, there are bicycle lanes on Montague Rd but these disappear prior to the intersection.

Also, I have travelled along this section of Pt Wakefield Rd a few times and the condition of the road surface is shocking.


If the cyclist was travelling down Montague, intending to cross PW Road onto Churchill Rd, then there is a cycle lane which ends about 150 metres before the intersection. At the lights there are 2 left turn, 2 straight ahead lanes and 1 right turn lane. The cyclist would then need to 'take' the leftmost of the two straight ahead lanes when coming out of the cycle lane. You would need to be a confident, experienced rider to use that route.

It certainly would be better if the cycle lane continued right up to the lights.

I suppose we will get more detail of the circumstances in time.

Or the truck driver signalling and merging into a different lane to overtake another vehicle. Facilites need to be improved, so do drivers passing at safe distances.

Very sad.

There shouldn't be a death penalty for being "unsteady."

What a truly tragic accident & my heart goes out to the family and friends of this lady for their loss & yes also to the driver who I presume wasn't in the wrong


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