Cyclist dies after crash on Old Freeway at Eagle on the Hill

Very sad news that the cyclist found at Eagle on the Hill Saturday has died.

My sincerest condolences to the riders family and friends.

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Mate I'm pretty sure you could have just said "make sure you're helmet is fitted correctly". You have no clue what happened that day and to make an assumption, right or wrong on a site that family and friend may read is low. A bit of respect please!

just out of curiosity - did Dan race? his face looks familiar

Our jersey design is nearly complete! It's actually been quite difficult to cram all the logos on as we've received so much support for Dan after his accident.

So just a quick reminder, if you see any of us wearing one of these while we're out riding and training then please feel welcome stop and say something - we will appreciate it - and if you think we look slack and want to help motivate us then ... well, surprise us :o)

Again, donations can be made at - the funds raised will support the vital work of over 100 investigators in the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, South Australia’s leading cancer care and research facility.


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