Cyclist dies after crash on Old Freeway at Eagle on the Hill

Very sad news that the cyclist found at Eagle on the Hill Saturday has died.

My sincerest condolences to the riders family and friends.

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Chris this is just too close to home. Laga and I are training for the same event he was training for (Ride to Conquer Cancer) I am not sure how easily I would be able to get on the bike if this was a good friend of mine.....

I have been down that road at some fast speeds but in the dry and it was sketchy at best. Can only imagine the conditions with the rain and lack of grip in general on that road. 

words cannot describe the sadness. My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues.

+1 for all to stay safe and if possible ride with a friend. 

This is all too close to home for many of us. I am 35 years old and also training for the ride to conquer cancer. My thought are with his family and friends. Training for such a good cause only to end in a tragic event.

Condolences to the rider's family, friends and to Ruddager. It is indeed shocking and resonates deeply with all who ride.
Please be very careful out there everyone.

As someone who is in a similar position to this family but with very different circumstances I think this is an excellent idea. I would rather give $50 to something like this than a cancer council ride. If there are takers I will happily help set it up. 

Make it an annual event with the money going to a family who has lost a loved one on a bike. Unfortunately there are too many.

I also am in for a Solistice Ride up Ealge on the Hill and Lofty, $50 entry fee, with proceeds to the family or the charity of their choice.

Having three kids of my own the photo on AdelaideNow is a big tear jerker.

My sincere condolences to Julia, Tarlie and Mitchell.

Great idea Martin

Dreadfully sad news...  :(

Hail / snow and even just rain on the roads change everything - be especially careful out there when conditions are tricky...

Apparently there is going to be a little spot about this on both 9 and 10 news tonight.

Saw on 9 News just after 6pm.

was on 9 news just now.  very tragic.  condolences to his wife and 2 young kids.  thoughts are with you as well Ruddager and all those at your place of work at this time.  kudos on the charity work.

As a 36 yr old with 2 young kids myself, this really hits home..really sad, mirror all the heart felt remarks on here, condolences to his family. Stay safe everyone.


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