Cyclist dies after crash on Old Freeway at Eagle on the Hill

Very sad news that the cyclist found at Eagle on the Hill Saturday has died.

My sincerest condolences to the riders family and friends.

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im so sorry to hear this. thoughts go out to the family.

My condolences to the cyclist's family and friends. So young. So sad.

Horrible news
Terrible news. My condolences to his family.
Please stay safe everyone!

This is really sad news. I am sorry to hear this Ruddager. To echo everyone, please pass on the community's condolences to his family.

Yes, I will.

I'd just like to add that I always appreciate internet communities like this one which have a good spirit. When I got the bad news this morning I knew that someone on here would have heard about it and people would be genuinely concerned.

Anyway, everyone, please be careful. I know that every time I go out riding there are people who are relieved when I return. Recently when the cyclist was killed on Fullarton road a number of people checked to make sure I was ok as it was right in my neighbourhood. Today I received the phonecall that everyone has always told me they dread will be about me one day.

I passed on an email today containing all the snippets of support from this discussion

Very sad news.

Thoughts to the family and you Ruddager.

It's horrible news - extremely sad for you Ruddager and of course even moreso for your boss's family.   Coming down hills fast always carries some risk - and wet roads add to that risk.  I come down that hill so often, and this tragedy will be in my mind now every time.  Stay safe everyone.

It was hailing at areound the time of the accident, i went up eagle at approx same time and got caught in it. Visibility would have been bad coming down and I did see to a guy coming downhill and he gave a wave, I do wonder if it was the same guy, Terrible news.

Just so sad to hear stories like this, unfortunately made worse by the fact Ruddager has a personal contact to this person which makes us all feel like we knew him also.
A terrible time for his friends and family, lets hope they have plenty of support over the times ahead.
Please ride safe folks.

Terrible news, saw it in the paper this morning. Feeling for the poor guy's family and friends. Stay safe out there.


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