Cyclist got the rego of the fleeing SUV. Now need a witness or video. Any hints on where to start?

Date: Friday 17-Jan-2020 around 1pm
Location: Grasmere St and Regency Rd in Prospect
Vehicle: grey Ford Territory SUV (models varied between 2004 and 2016)
Bicycle: yellow MTB 

Grasmere St is an entry / exit for the Northpark Shopping Centre at Prospect.
In theory exiting vehicles pause at the northern end of Grasmere St, and give way to other road users, before entering Regency Rd.
The crash started in Grasmere St and continued into Regency Rd.
The bike and cyclist were entangled on the front of, and under, the SUV. Pushed into Regency Rd, forward down the road, then back up in reverse.
A stranger stopped briefly to clear the road. Disentangled the bike and injured cyclist from the SUV, and placed both by the side of the road. Cyclist’s injuries included broken tibia just below the knee, so unable to walk.
The driver did not exit the SUV, or offer assistance to the injured cyclist. The SUV abruptly driven off without the driver exchanging details.
The cyclist was marooned on the side of the road (not footpath) until an ambulance transported the injured cyclist to RAH where surgery performed.

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In a commercial precinct like that, there may be many cameras in businesses that, might have captured footage... go to the location and canvas the shops, even those across the road, ask council / main roads for any camera footage, even a few posters to ask for any witnesses...

I find this deplorable, that someone would not stop and tender help, despite being obliged to... and obliged to give way at driveways too... so many drivers are ignorant or ignore those rules... in my experience, locals, young drivers who were never taught properly, and drivers from OS who don't have the same rules or respect for other road users... I know we are all frustrated that it happens, and the cops don't take such 'life & death' situations seriously...
I hope you find this cretin, but even so, they will not be held accountable, or learn... sadly. At least the cyclist is still alive...

If Kovin's approach doesn't pay off I wonder if putting up a sign where the accident occurred asking for witnesses or dashcam footage would do any good ?

Regency Rd is busy, so one would expect other road users noticed the incident unfold.
The cyclist was theoretically visible, while with a yellow bike, plus wearing a yellow hi-vis vest.
But how could others not notice the cyclist and bike entangled by the SUV, and the cyclist screaming in warning and terror, as shunted sideways, forwards and backwards by the SUV.
Or the traffic forced to halt momentarily while a stranger disentangled the cyclist and bike.

The sort of video to upload to the web.
Do you know of websites to search for uploaded video, or to appeal for video?

Hi Heather, I went and had a look and there are at least two Adelaide dash cam sites on Facebook on which people post dash cam videos.  Unfortunately both seem to be pretty negative about cyclists.  Posting videos of cyclists doing silly things and allowing comments that the driver should have sped up and "taught the cyclist as lesson".  I doubt they are going to be sympathetic! 

The crash was 11 days ago. Wonder about days to upload video. Wonder if video of 'SUV teaching cyclist a lesson by taking cyclist for a ride on the front bumper'.

I find that when the driver is clearly in the wrong, even those types of sites will side against the driver, e.g. this one

I assume that this was reported to police. By the sounds of it there should at least be some paint scratches on the SUV and conversely may be some of the SUV paint on the bike. The police should be able to easily follow up and confirm crash has happened. Even if the driver somehow tries to deny culpability for the crash, leaving the scene of the accident is a criminal offense for which they should be charged.

The impact occurred as the SUV exited a side street onto an arterial road, so obvious that the driver was in the wrong.
The driver fled the scene, so again obvious that the driver was in the wrong.
A police officer located the SUV with damage to the front and yellow bike paint underneath.
However, the police want an independent witness.

An independent witness is an advantage, but even without it, surely there is enough evidence to prosecute.

Unfortunately surveillance footage may be overwritten by now.

Take care in this area whatever mode you're taking. A pedestrian died from a collision in the Northpark carpark last year. Rat runners grossly exceed the speed limit within the carpark. And on the other side of the shops, drivers regularly ignore give way signs and come the wrong way down the one-way street.

On 29-Aug-2019 in the Northpark Shopping Centre car park, a vehicle hit two pedestrians.
A 27yo man rolled over the bonnet and received minor injuries.
A 31yo woman ‘dragged for metres’ under the car and died in hospital on 1-Sep-2019.

Am aware of some sub-standard driving in the car park.
Intention was to avoid this, by detouring via Clifford St and the Regency Rd footpath.
Watch out for drivers exiting the car park via Grasmere St!


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