Anyone know more about the cyclist riding from Prospect into the CBD this morning who was taken out by a wire strung across a path? Apparently he will require extensive surgery as the wire took off some of his face. Where did this happen?

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Yes I hear and share your hope JS but I fear our hopes may be misplaced as the cyclist is a workmate of my wife. (If our hopes are realised then my wife and I at the very least sure have been taken in.) Only yesterday they were discussing things like disc brakes on road bikes, Norton Summit etc etc. His wife has been in contact with the workplace hence we know he is in a bad way.

What we don't know is where this happened. Like Trent I can't seem to find any reports on the incident anywhere (eg AdelaideNow) and would have expected this to have occurred by now.

Probably the reason it wasn't published on AdelaideNow is to avoid copy-cat incidences. The last thing we want is for like-minded pea-brains to hear about it and for them to think: "What a great idea. I think I'll give that a crack."

I would like to see them convicted of attempted murder and then have it posted on AdelaideNow and the tv news (these bogans probably don't read even trash like AdelaideNow/Advertiser). 

on ch 9 news statement that acc placed wire but will not admit liability. 

also showed ac post.

OMG this is massive! i must say riding into something like this crosses my mind when i travel down bike paths etc. where did u hear this Stu? i cant seem to find any articles on it 

I recall something similiar being done on the veloway a few years ago.

They placed a broken piece of fence wire across the the path and attached it to the opposite side fence.

Someone on here may remember something about it.


Yobbos run wire across the Veloway a couple of times a year, It's been reported a few times over on BNA and it happened in Hobart (and here) on one of the mountain bike trails and in WA and on the M7 bikeway in Sydney. Its a totally deplorable act but just goes to show how much a small minority of the community has it in for cyclists. Makes me wonder about riding a bike early in the morning and at night sometimes. If people are prepared to string wire over bike paths, then its not much more to just deliberately run me over and drive off.


If the rider was injured I hope they recover OK.

i reported fishing line across the bike path down towards mclaren vale last year it had been placed across the wooden bridge and could have taken your head off.

Prospect > CBD by path ...? The  only path I can think of is the one near the Swimming Centre, i don't recall any others. it's curious that there is still no reference/ confirmation to this [supposed] incident, tho i don't doubt there are people sick enough to do this eventually. if they're caught, perhaps an appropriate penalty might be , say, a thousand kilometres of urban peak hour bike riding...

Coming through the shortcut from Hawker St to War Memorial Drv this morning I did see that the wooden posts and the barrier had been removed, though I didn't see any sign that there'd been an accident there. And if the rider was coming from Prospect, it's not likely he would have been going that way.

thats been broken for a few days.  but i did eerily think about that problem down next to the railway line.

@ Alistair

but that requires more than 2 brain cells to work out.


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