Cyclist Hit Outside Alma Hotel, Norwood this morning

Saw a lady cyclist on the ground this morning outside the Alma Hotel Norwood, and her bike with a nicely bent front wheel. She seemed okay but laying on the ground, ambos were there helping. Hope she only ends up with bruises to show for it.

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I saw a 3 car pile up on Glynburn Road, crazy motorists playing Tetris with their cars on all major routes going into town, mums and dads speeding away in school zones and some incredibly inattentive driving when I was obviously invisible - stay safe out there everyone - hope that the cyclist who hit the road outside the Alma is ok.

Best Wishes...

Yeah I'm seeing a lot of crazy stuff this week, seems schools back, brains are out the window (by car drivers, cyclists and pedetrians alike). Everyone Step Back and think before you act.


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