Cyclist forgets Garmin, phone, realises he hates riding bikes

The struggle is real people! Avoid data disconnection. You may realise you hate riding bikes.

Read the harrowing tale.

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What a downer way to start the long weekend man. I'm not getting up.

Ok, but make sure you take a bed selfie to catalog that fact. 

haha good laugh thanks, I have not used a bike computer for 3 years, I just know the feeling of a good ride.

Was his motivation ever merely riding, or was it always boasting and self-display?  Is competitiveness of any benefit?  (I know, we all like our bit of Cat6.)

Just ride!

Great to hear mate, thanks for your feedback.

worse yet, if he'd been logging his ride but the power meter failed mid way, resulting in him showing the world a pathetic average power output for the ride

Yep. He'd be hanging up the bike after that embarrassment. 

Hang on! I'm not sure that he ever went out for a ride in the first place. He can't prove it. There is no data and no pictures. Therefore I don't believe that it really happened. Is he in fact a real person? He might not even have a facetube account and consequently has no value as a human being. 

Woah there, you're on the verge of a 1984-esque "you do not exist" conclusion! 

You do realise, James, that you have created the next piece of content that will get shared to all 'cyclists' by all 'non-cyclists' time-after-time-after....


not THIS

btw, good job buddy :-) 

Haha, those are awesome! I hope my thing becomes like that. That'd certainly suit me!

C'mon man, links to durian need to come with a warning!


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