Our riding group does a lot of hills riding and we have had our fair share of animal related crashes / near misses from dogs, cows and goats. Yesterday one of us went down due to an unrestrained dog which leapt out in front of us. I seem to hear a fair share of these stories, and I am not sure what the law is on this? I guess the only quick help for this is to add a warning call of “dog-up” in our cycling vocabulary.

Blackwood Gruppetto’s  

ps rider and dog are doing fine

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As a dog owner and a cyclist it frustrates and annoys me to see dogs not on leash on roads, streets or parks where there are obvious signs saying dogs must be on leash at all times.

Council rules usually state that dogs need to be on leash of maximum 2 meters when on streets and roads and depending on the park and time - best to check with local council

In most councils it is also a law to display a council tag - if you have an incident with a dog that is tagged you can report it to the council and the offender can get a nasty fine. If they dont have a tag, you can also take details and report that to the council

It is also against the law to walk a dog on leash whilst riding your bike.

Spare a thought, please, for those of us, whose dogs occasionally get past our guard, and run out onto the street. 

The driver who hit my dog on Easter Monday had enough presence of mind to stop. He also had enough presence of mind too, to assert it wasn't his fault -  then swiftly depart, without offering  help, without giving me his contact details, and before I could  think to ask .  

In other words, a hit and run with myself and the dog left to bear the entire cost..

And no, the dog didnt make it.

Sorry for your loss Mike, as a dog owner it is one of the things I worry about the most.

As for the driver who hit your dog, karma will get him one day.

Sorry to hear about your dog Mike, an excellent watch dog when you weren't at home and a real character when you were at home.

Mike, if a cyclist had been taken down buy your dog would you be happy to pay for his / her new bike and medical expenses which could run into the tens of thousands ? If not then I don't think you have a right to complain that the car driver didn't help meet the costs in this instance.

Make sure you watchout around Elder Park on Sunday, the Million Paws Walk is on again. Even with leashes on dogs there are some special owners that let their dogs run from one side of the shared path to the other.

They are the really special owners! I think I'll avoid town this weekend!

There are bicycle paths where dogs are not permitted.


23—Prohibition of dogs on certain bicycle paths
(1) A person who owns or has possession or control of a dog must ensure that the dog does not enter or remain on a bicycle path to which this regulation applies.
Maximum penalty: $750.

(2) In proceedings for an offence of contravening subregulation (1), an allegation in the complaint that a specified person was the owner or had possession or control of a specified dog at a specified time will be accepted as proved in the absence of proof to the contrary.

(3) This regulation applies to the bicycle path adjacent to the Southern Expressway that commences at Darlington Street at Bedford Park and proceeds generally southerly on the eastern side of the carriageway of the Expressway to a point approximately 250 metres north of the intersection of the Expressway, South Road and Panalatinga Road at Trott Park, then generally southerly on the western side of the carriageway of the Expressway to the intersection of Panalatinga Road and Old South Road at Old Reynella.

(4) In this regulation—
"Southern Expressway" means Road Number 6780 Southern Expressway between—
(a) its intersection with Road Number 6726 Panalatinga Road and Road Number 6203 Main South Road at Trott Park; and
(b) its junction with Road Number 6203 Main South Road at Bedford Park.

My intention is to let cyclists know where they stand legally.

In this case entitled to object to dog on the Veloway and explain to the owner.

Frank, while interstate in 2011 came across a perfect spot to indulge my leisure interests. Got the bug to move away from responsibilities, etc. By this month worked out that not viable.

Take into account that I have long term ill-health which includes fatigue and reduced energy. My cycling speed has reduced and there are few AC group rides that suit.

:) Martin, the only group rides I do at the moment are the occasional ones organised for parents with (slow) children. :) Cycle nearly everywhere for transport, by myself.

If you work in the city, welcome to a group meet-up for lunchtime coffee.



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