Our riding group does a lot of hills riding and we have had our fair share of animal related crashes / near misses from dogs, cows and goats. Yesterday one of us went down due to an unrestrained dog which leapt out in front of us. I seem to hear a fair share of these stories, and I am not sure what the law is on this? I guess the only quick help for this is to add a warning call of “dog-up” in our cycling vocabulary.

Blackwood Gruppetto’s  

ps rider and dog are doing fine

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Not good, I do encounter this particular woofer on the SSRC L rides

Thought I'd reply after seeing Blackwood mentioned. Just a word of caution to anyone mountain biking on the new trails around Craigburn Reserve. Many folks (including me) have walked their dogs off lead around there for decades without ever seeing a bike. Mountain bikers are now flying through there at a rate of knots and not using any warning devices to alert dog owners of their presence. A lot of the dog owners are elderly so if there is no warning of a bike approaching then there is no time to recall dogs or brace the system to prevent a scare-induced coronary! I'm bike savvy but my dogs aren't. I keep an eye out for approaching cyclists and recall my dogs but some audible warning and slowing of bike speed would allow us all to live in harmony.

Not sure if you are a road or MTB group but I'm glad to hear rider and dog are OK :)


Yes it is legal in some areas. In this area they have to be under effective (I think that's the word) control. It's just very difficult to be effective when a bike flies past with no warning and your dogs are 10m up the road unsuspectingly sniffing around. I'm a bike rider (road & MTB) and a dog owner so I see the best and worst of both sides (yes I really hate some dog owners). The problem is that this area has been an off-leash dog walking area for many decades and is now all of a sudden a MTBer's magnet.

Gillian, The Craigeburn MTB tracks were recently put in by DENR with SAMBA , they do seem to be very popular. 

On AMBC forums I haven't seen anyone there posting about close calls with Dogs, but it certainly sounds like not a lot of communication has gone on between DENR and the broader community.

@  Pat & Matt J. I have made a personal decision not to walk the new trails (with or without dogs) and just leave the MTBers alone until I can rejoin them on a bike. Unfortunately many MTBers don't feel the same way about riding cautiously on the well established walking trails to the north of the bitumen road that runs through the reserve. I fear that a division will become inevitable in this area unless common sense becomes a bit more common to all groups.

Walkers, dogs and bikes all happily used the old trails for many years, but in relatively small numbers. Since the Craigburn Farm housing development it has become like Rundle Mall. I guess that's progress for you.


Some people actually train their dogs, 

Not always to go mountain biking but to walk on the side of a trail, road or footpath. 

Others just control their pets.

Then there's the irresponsible minority., 


Brilliant ,, Amber is a star ...

Letting you know. In the parklands around the Adelaide Aquatic Centre are obvious dog-shaped signs letting owners know that dogs must be kept on the lead here. However, many dogs are off the lead on these shared paths.

...and those are the dog owners that I hate.

"Get a dog up ya  ? !!"


dog gone :p


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