A cyclist has died following a crash on Christmas Day. The 42-year-old Somerton Park man fell from his bike on Kauri Parade, Seacliff, at about 7.20pm on Sunday and died in hospital last night. His death takes the State’s road toll to 103, and the Christmas holiday road toll to 3.


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Very sad news, especially at this time of year.

My thoughts go out to their family and friends.

That's terrible!  I wonder how on earth that happened?  I ride along there often.

My thoughts also go out to his family and friends.

Very sad news. Definitely not a way to remember Christmas which will be difficult for the family to cope with in the future. Take care everyone especially over this holiday period. 

Feel terrible when I hear news like this. Thoughts are with family and friends.

I am interested in what may have happened, its a fairly straight section of road with a number of speed humps and one dangerous pothole. I ride along there regularly (twice yesterday actually).

I would be interested if anyone comes up with his initials as I have ridden a few times with a person who lives a few km's away at Somerton Park who I know rides through there often and seems to fit the age etc.

Stay safe folks


Everybody please be careful over this holiday period.

Yes, this is devastating, we are still all in shock and cannot understand how this could have happened, especially when you see all the hundreds of cyclists enjoying the Tour Down Under. Such a difficult time for all the family.

He is dearly missed by his wife, three little girls and all his family and friends.

Was the accident reported earlier on AC, where a cyclist was found unconscious on the road, but no indication of how it occurred?

Not sure, I only started following AC when I saw Mike W's comment asking for the riders initials. That is correct that he was found on the road , but now indication of how it happened.

my wife's teaching colleague is good pals with the deceased, I wont mention his name, from what I heard he had a massive heart attack, ruptured aorta, apparently he was fit as a fiddle. Very Sad


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