cyclist death 19-Dec-2019 - SA man hit by truck at Port Adelaide

Arrest after fatal crash at Port Adelaide
Posted by SAPOL on 19-Dec-2019

A truck driver has been arrested after a cyclist died in a collision with a truck this morning at Port Adelaide.

Just before 7am on Thursday 19-Dec-2019, a truck and cyclist collided at the intersection of the Port River Expressway and Perkins Drive.

The cyclist, a 59yo man from Kingswood, died at the scene.

Officers from SAPOL's Major Crash Investigation Section attended to investigate the collision.

The truck driver, a 32yo man from Albert Park was arrested and charged with causing death by dangerous driving and aggravated due care.  He has been bailed to appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on 23-Jan-2020.

Traffic was diverted around the crash site for several hours but all roads are expected to be reopened at around midday.

The man's death brings the number of lives lost this year to 105 compared to 74 at the same time last year.

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Oh dear - that's no good :-(

Another family heart broken.

Ross, yes, and expect the loss will be felt more keenly during the family xmas time.

I feel awful when I see the headlines of a serious cyclist crash, although it is rare that I know the cyclist.

Very sad news.

I noticed you used the new "lives lost" wording rather than the Road Toll. I think the Police have taken a step in the right direction with this, I hope it works.

South Australia Police change “road toll” to “lives lost” in new initiative
Posted by SAPOL on 19-Dec-2019

The SAPOL website now tends to use the word crash. Is the SAPOL example encouraging the media not to use the word accident?
Accident suggests that crashes are unavoidable, which I expect is usually not the case. Drivers need to take responsibility and drive for the conditions.
(Police have charged the truck driver but too late for the cyclist.)

"Lives Lost" is a poignant phrase, as it certainly is just that.

Frailty of body will never  allow a "perfect" transport system, stuff happens as they say, but we certainly can do better than the current status quo.


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