Cyclist accident on King William St this morning at 8am

There was an accident this morning on King William St. When I drove past at 8am, a cyclist was still on the ground, with the police at the scene.


And I always thought that King William St in the city was relatively safe...


I hope that the guy wasn't too badly injured and will be up and riding again shortly.


Ride safe!


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I rode past the scene at 8am, he said he was breathing fine and was in quite a bit of discomfort as you would expect. Not sure what happened but it looks like a car turned right from KW St into Wright St and didn't see him, he was on a late model road bike.
Not good - but glad to hear he's alive.

I'm always worried about cars turning right across slow or stalled oncoming traffic - they rarely notice cyclists, as we come through on the left of the stalled traffic. I've come off twice that way.
and then there's the tram-lines...
Not sure if it's one and the same, but I got word that a mate of mine crashed this morning in circumstances that sounds quite similar to how you describe. Unsure of the location. Near new Colnago destroyed. He's fine, if a little sore. Has a cop as a witness to the crash, so should be ok.
Sounds like the same CLP, there was a cop there but in civies, maybe on his way to work. I did not notice the bikes make but was very new looking.
i just got confirmation that this was in fact my mate. He's a bit banged up, but fine.
When ACC released its first bike plan, it stated that based on bicycle collisions alone, King William Street (and North Terrace) would qualify for funding as a black spot. Perhaps nothing was done because some short term parking would have gone. After the tram made it more squeezy, I asked ACC for improved cycling facilities in King William Street. Told that with the tram, now not enough room for bicycle lanes.

Fortunately the cyclist will cycle another day.
Well, they should get rid of the on street parking on a main thorough fare, and then put the bike lane in its place.

I am really surprised that we live in a supposed modern city with high motor vehicle use and still allow on street parking on major roads.

Clear the streets of easy parking and make people park in designated car parks.

Coming from Canberra, Adelaide is a nightmare. Torrens road, South Road and even Anzac Parade.
In reality one of the main roads in Adelaide, South Road, is a single lane road. If people have to walk an extra 20 metres because they are required to park in a side street, big deal.

Traffic will flow better, they will be less obsessed with abusing cyclists, as they are not darting around parked cars and more people may cycle as they have no where to park.

end of rant
Totally agree. The idea that there is no room on King William Street for bicycle lanes is just laughable.
Interesting. There seems to be enough room for the building project just north of Vic Sq to take a lane every day.
Hope he is back on the bike soon. That section of King William St near Wright St is pretty good. It has bike lanes heading north all the way until the end of Victoria Sq. There is angle parking along there which can be a bit hairy when cars are reversing out or pulling in to a park in front of you.

I ride this section quite often and I see many cyclists cutting across the pedestrian crossing then the footpath to turn into Carrington St (the extension of Wright St). I hope he wasn't doing that.
From what i gather, he'll be fine.
i think his biggest complaint at the moment, save for the busted up bike, is that he might not be able to ride Amy's ride which was to be his first event ride on his new bike. :(

He would have been heading straight through that intersection since he works on the northern end of King William. The crash was a result of a right turning car from the opposite direction cutting him off rather than giving way as they were supposed to.


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