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Cyclists entering Melbourne's CBD will face fines of hundreds of dollars if they disobey the road rules under a police crackdown beginning today.

Police will patrol major routes into the city at peak times following a recent jump in bicycle crashes that have left some cyclists with serious injuries.

Senior Sergeant Dale Huntington said four cyclists had died on Victorian roads this year, and in recent months several cyclists had been injured after riding into car doors on St Kilda Road.
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Bike-related laws to be enforced include failing to wear a helmet (a $146 fine), not having lights ($146), failing to obey a traffic light ($292) and riding in a tram safety zone ($292).

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Hmmm interesting... Road rules are set to keep all road users safe.  On Friday I drove through the city and witnessed two cyclists riding straight through red lights and another cyclist riding up the wrong side of the road on West Tce...

"Several cyclists had been injured after riding into car doors"

A possibility that drivers were in the wrong, like opening car doors on a cyclists. While I support wearing helmets, will policing this really stop collisions between cyclists and drivers?

“We have seen a number of incidents recently, particularly in the St Kilda Road area, where cyclists have collided with opening car doors," Senior Sergeant Huntington said.

Wrote my comment, then went to the article, and found I had guessed correctly. Why aren't police instead doing something about the negligent drivers who open doors on cyclists?

when passing parked cars its a good practice to leave enough space if the door does open,its too late after the event
Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't cyclists be fined for breaking the road rules anyway????? We are able to use the roads in the same way as motor vehicles and as such, must follow the road rules. My understanding is that if a cyclist is caught breaking a road rule, they can be fined in the exact same manner as a motorist.

Darren said "Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't cyclists be fined for breaking the road rules anyway?????"


Yes your right Darren, just so long as road rules (and infrastructure) ensure safety. Unfortunately in Aussieland and many other places worldwide cyclists aren't protected by road rules.


The worldwide trend is the better the infrastructure is for people (pedestrians and cyclists) the better people behave.

All well and good to target cyclists, especially if they are breaking the rules, but how about sorting out drivers who also don't obey the rules and put cyclists at risk. It goes both ways I reckon.
I have to admit that the title of the piece in the Age is more inflammatory than the article itself, but the comments, as usual, go to places that the article never intended to go. There are plenty of cyclists out there whose arrest or fining I would totally agree with.

Quite agree with all the above. Is this a crackdown (??!?!?) on cyclists who have the temerity to be injured whilst commuting? Bang 'em up, I say.

How brain dead - a "crack down on cyclists" but the article gives the example of cyclists being doored.

Also 4 deaths - but no mention as to how and who caused the accident which is typically the fault of the motorist. One would hope for a more "investigative" type article as this is a real issue and the journalist obviously has not cottoned on.

how will cracking down on cyclists prevent the dooring incidents? they are 100% the fault of the driver who didn't check to see if its safe to open their door.


unless the cyclist had no front light and it was dark.....
good point, hadn't thought of that


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