For those who live/cycle in these two areas:  The Mitcham-Unley BUG has been quiet for some time.  With the new councils now in, I've been in contact with the co-ordinator - and he will organise a meeting in Feb/March next year.  For anyone who has not been involved before (like me) and would like to be, keep an eye out.  I will post again once full details are known.

For my information, please give a short reply if you're interested.

Note that the new mayor of Mitcham, Michael Picton, registered on our site.

In Mitcham, there is a Cycle Safe course (for people over 16 years of age) scheduled for Jan 12 from 2pm to 5pm - information session followed by practical session.  Bikes provided or participants can bring their own.  Course will be at Mitcham Library, bookings through them on 8372 8244.  So when at any local social gatherings and talking to anyone who doesn't ride anymore because of safety concerns ....

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I'm interested in a Mitcham bug. How did you get on with this?

No meeting was ever called Katie, and as far as I know, we still don't have an active BUG in Mitcham.  Nick posted the BUG group on here, but then work took him interstate. 


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