I will be working in Darwin next week and would like to go for a ride while I'm there on Good Friday or Easter Saturday. The problem is I won't have a bike so I was wondering if anyone had any cycling friends in Darwin who could let me know where I could hire/borrow a bike and who might also be willing to allow me to join them on a ride if they are cycling on these days. (Either road or MTB)

Short notice I know but only found out yesterday I was going.


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You are not leaving us are you Elaine???? Make sure you come back.....we missed you this morning!

No I'll be back and I really missed the ride this morning but too much to do this weekend so something had to give :-(

When I was working on Darwin back in 2008, there was a bike shop down the road from the hotel I was staying in. I did enquire about hiring a bike and they did but I can't remember the price. The shop was located on Smith St, 50 metres down the road from the Asti Hotel heading back towards the city centre, on the opposite side of the road. Not sure if the shop is still there though. Failing this, I think a lot of the hostels have bikes for hire. Hope this helps.

thanks, I'll check it out

WE went there last year in May. There are some really cool cycling paths and areas to go to in Darwin - 90% flat - they even have an outdoor velodrome! It was great!

You may be aware that in the NT it is not mandatory to have a helmet while riding on a bike path, we tried this for a bit - it felt nice but weird! there were stacks of riders without helmets btw.

However the only problem for tourists wanting to ride in Darwin was that there is only 1 place to hire a bike in the city - and he knows it and charges $35/day for them! we weren't really impressed with them but there wasn't anything else on offer!From memory the hire place was at the Darwin tourist centre.

There are some great next to road paths

Hope you have a great warm time up in the top end :)

great info, thanks

Riding in Darwin on Easter Saturday and riding in the GW Full Moon ride ?  That's dedication !

that's me- dedicated :-)

One of the Gully Grinders - Kylie Smith - moved to Darwin about 6 months ago.  It may be worth trying to contact her for info

Hi from Darwin,

This will be tricky the bike hire place is only open on Saturday morning and will be closed on Sunday and Monday (it is Darwin). there are 2 places to hire bikes

Bicycle Hire Darwin Holiday Shop Shop 2, 88 The Esplanade, Darwin Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm Sunday - Closed Phone: +61 (0) 8 8981-0227

9 Daly St, Darwin NT 0800

ph: (08) 8941 2434
for a scenery ride I would suggest the East Point ride, It follows the coast thru Fanny Bay and Nightcliffe and ends up at the Military musium (highly recommended to visit).
I could possible be able to get you a MTB (I will check this out tomorrow night and let you know) I can be contacted on 0419223458. If any body visits Darwin let me know I usually ride on Sunday from Palmerston but could meet anywhere


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