Explore Unley cycling network (current and future) with Unley BUG.

Cycle Safe, Cycle Fun Unley on Saturday 6-Oct-2018 9.00am from Unley Council Car Park in Oxford Tce.

You and your family are invited to join Michael Hewitson (Chair of U BUG), Jennifer Bonham and Secretary Angus Wallace to learn what is coming and explore our gradually improving bicycle network across Unley. We will finish back at Unley and head for a coffee shop! 

Be shown Unley, our plans and our built cycle paths around Unley. It is to be child friendly. The plan is for a 40 to 60 minute ride back to the start! Angus and children and Clarence Park People may peel off at East Tce as we loop back above Goodwood Rd and down Wood Tce and Weller St with front and back riders. It will undoubtedly be sunny, 20 degrees with a few puffy clouds.

For those who wish to add 30 minutes, Michael will take a ride up Glen Osmond Creek to Ridge Park to show the potential for a path across Unley to Frome Rd, to tram and train bikeways.

Unley BUG asked for this event info to be circulated.

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