Today I went to DPTI website of where ...
Notice for cyclists
City-bound bike traffic is detoured at Winifred Avenue to continue straight on Pleasant Avenue, cross South Road at the pedestrian crossing, follow the eastern South Road footpath, right Aroha Terrace, left Norman Terrace under the overpass.

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Having recently moved to Glandore on the Anzac highway side of the tram line, I've taken to using the lifts to/from the tram stop on the bridge to cross South Road. There's no signage indicating that I can't do this with bike in tow, and the lifts are barely used by pedestrians.

I won't use the DPTI detour for these reasons:

1) The pedestrian crossing lights still takes ages to change.

2) The footpath is narrow, passing two car parks servicing businesses, with limited visibility for both myself and exiting vehicles.

3) I've seen way too many trucks bowl through the red at the crossing.

4) taking into consideration the detour plus delayed light changes, it is actually faster and safer for me to just use the lifts and the overpass.

I'll most likely continue to use the lifts until they fix the overpass, or until DPTI decides that there's a reason to prevent people from using the lifts with bikes. The amount of time it's taken to even begin fixing the overpass is absurd.

Neat trick, I like it.

I had to go onto google maps to realise that there is an elevator on both sides of South Road. I like your idea of using them. I had avoided this route for some time because I dislike crossing South Rd. Will give the lifts a go soon. Cheers.

It's so convenient that I can't believe it's not prohibited. Enjoy

But the lift is tiny, imagine if everyone was to try and use it at once. Better keep it a secret...:-)

Trevor, the official opening of the cyclist / pedestrian bridge and lifts (and perhaps rebranded Mike Turtur Bikeway) was held on Friday 19-Mar-2010.
DTEI provided a free breakfast which encouraged cyclists to attend. The breakfast location was at the lifts and cyclist / pedestrian bridge.
A photo taken on the day appears on page 10 of this publication. A functional hierarchy for South Australia’s land transport network – published by Govt of SA plus Dept of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in Jun-2013 –

I don't know if that notice is new, but it's really strange. It's in red at the top of the entry page (, with the exact text that Heather quoted, and no other context (like which bike route, which suburb, etc). Really weird to have that for something that was put in place more than 6 months ago.

Peter, the DPTI notice was so brief that I was uncertain of the location.

If there are lifts I guess there are stairs, but I don't often cycle that way..

Ross, I rarely cycle there. My recollection is a bridge and lifts, but no stairs. A local cyclist might clarify.

I went that way today, I was the only person using the lifts, everyone else used the stairs. I see no problem portaging a 5kg carbon bike up and down the stairs if that's a particular cyclist's pleasure. Not so much for a loaded commuter/tourer.

Riding on the Eastern South Road footpath is extremely dangerous as there are many points of conflict where cars drive out of driveways next to buildings with no visibility of oncoming pedestrians or cyclists.

I've nearly been hit several times, I stick to Anzac Highway now. I dare say many less confident cyclists that previously enjoyed the bikeway are no longer riding due to this dangerous and inconvenient (I've waited up to 2.5 minutes to cross at the crossing!) detour.


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