Cycle hate from bogan bike rider in front of young son in Glenelg South - anyone else had a run in?

I received a mouthful of abuse, twice, on separate occasions, by this father of the year on the Broadway in Glenelg South tonite.  I was quite shocked, as I was riding by myself, minding my own business when I heard a mouthful of abuse from the opposite side of the road, which I initially thought was directed at someone else. What made this occurrence a little unusual was the idiot was also on a bike, but had his young son next to him! I initially thought the tirade must have been directed at someone else, and thought nothing of it, and kept riding to my destination, which was 200m further up the road.

I then returned back along the Broadway about 5 minutes later, when the same father on a bike, was on a traffic island in the middle of the road, with his son next to him. When I was 10m past him he hurled another tirade of abuse and obscenities at me. I stopped, turned around, and asked him what his problem was, and he continued his abuse. I laughed at him, and suggested he was a disgrace doing such an unprovoked thing in front of his probably 7 or 8 year old son, and rode off....

Does he look familiar to anyone? The reason I put this up for public consumption is I couldn't imagine this is his first unprovoked tirade and I would imagine he is the type of hero that would knock bikes off, or do damage to them in the area. I'm sure if I had've continued up to him a physical altercation would have occurred, in front of his son!

The incidents occurred outside the IGA on the Broadway, then outside Organik Café on the way back....

I feel sorry for the poor child, what a deadbeat role model he has for a dad....

If someone recognises him, and he's done shifty stuff in the past and you would like to report, but didn't have evidence of the offender, then here's some pics of him....

Initial abuse from the other side of the Broadway:

Second (return) encounter:

Bogan and son head off down Ramsgate Road Glenelg South.

Bogan continues abuse when asked why he's decided to launch 2, unprovoked/unsolicited attacked on a cyclist in front of his young son...

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What was the nature of the abuse Harry? Was it general profane ranting or was it about cyclists? If it was, then it makes no sense given that he and his son are on bikes.

Perhaps some sort of psychological problem or abuse of alcohol or drugs or both. Absolutely horrible that he did it in front of a young lad.

It makes you wonder if he is so crass and moronic that he thought that the lad would be impressed by the behaviour, rather than making him cringe with shame.

Just personal abuse mainly, not overly bike related, but I have no doubt that was the triggering factor.

I would suggest that you should blur the image of the child.

And as above - did you glean as to what his problem was?

I have done this. I don't know if all the pictures are needed. We get the story. (not that taking photos of people in public is against the law.)

Some people are just.... I don't know what it is. Undesirable.

I was under the impression that it was against the law to take photos of children under 14 in public places.

It's not.  Taking pictures of anyone 'in a public place' is legal in SA.  Video is also legal.  Voice recordings are not legal without permission.

On private property (such as shopping centre or swimming pool) you can be asked by the owner (or their representative) to cease taking photos and you are then required by law to comply.

You can however, quite legally take photos of young children at the beach - I wouldn't recommend this unless they are your children, but you do have that right.


"It is perfectly legal to photograph a person (with or without their knowledge or permission) provided the image is not to be used for advertising - in which case a ‘model release’ is necessary."

No "model release" is required in South Australia, as Alison Chang found to her cost when a photograph taken of her and put on Flickr with a CC-SA license was used by Virgin Mobile for its advertising here in Adelaide. The public outcry forced Virgin to remove the advertising more than any legalities.

That's not to say that agencies won't typically require a contract with a model. It usually has terms such as the model not making derogatory statements about the advertised product.

Here's a nice summary of the laws concerning art and children:

It's kind of uncool for them to use it even if it's legal.

I took a photo of Lance Armstrong in the TDU a few years ago and The New Yorker used it for an online piece on his downfall because it didn't have a NC licence. I didn't care but professional photographers do.

Seriously dont stop just ride. Unless the child is in physical harm. He could be a meth/ice head coming down of a session. What value is there in stopping? Why poke the bear? You got nothing to gain.

I deal with ice heads and mental health on a daily basis. I returned to make a safety assessment of the child given the incident was just so random and unprovoked. It would've been pretty gutless to just ride on and not make sure the child wasn't at risk given the situation. Surprisingly, the idiot father didn't seem alcohol of drug affected, and seemed just "bad, not mad" as common saying in that field goes...
My family and I was in Glenelg south for lunch and happened to drive past him again, and received another mouthful, so he just seems a bit unhinged at the moment... Worrying thing is he will gob off at the wrong person shortly given the bay is so busy, and end up copping a hiding in front of his child... For those of us down the bay keep an eye out, and a distance, and report if your concerned.. For those of us who cycle thru the bay, don't be surprised if a bit more hate comes our way at the moment....


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