So this Sunday I ended up with a broken neck after having to perform an Emergency stop on Marion Road traveling north bound next to 99 bikes, Harvey Norman etc.

I was on my way home via the Pat Jonker Bikeway and planning to get onto the Marino Rocks Bikeway that travels parallel to the Seaford line via the canal 200m down the road.

A driver pulled into a car park going through a gap in at that time stationary traffic and cut off the bike lane.

Apart from obviously sore and injured, I feel like there is a big hole in the infrastructure there, and I am wondering how it could be improved.

Coming off the Pat Jonker path one is left with no guidance whatsoever, not even a safe on/off ramp onto the existing roads. Then, traveling across Sturt road the bike lane vanishes and the merge with multiple lane traffic is stressful and dangerous. Finally the danger of the turns into the shops is real and present, as my vertebrae will attest to.

What could be done to improve this? Are there route alternatives? Is there a way to find out just how dangerous the turn offs are in terms of accident statistics etc?

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Crossing Marion Rd at the South Rd lights works better, you cross in one go. All the footpaths in that area have shared path signs on them AFAIK.

There are good bike paths right through the Sturt Triangle area, have been for ages but of course the roadworks have made a bit of a mess of them over the last couple of years. I expect that eventually some signs will go up directing cycle traffic through there.

Pascalo, how is your recovery going?
In case you have not found the following info on the web.

If making a claim, lodge within 6 months of crash.

If the total amount of compensation paid to you by the CTP Insurer for your claim is $25,000 or less, no legal fees or associated costs can be recovered by you as part of your claim.

More info at

Hey there. Slowly but surely. CTP claim under way. Not sure how to deal with 3rd party. The whole insurance dealings process is a massive pita.


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