So this Sunday I ended up with a broken neck after having to perform an Emergency stop on Marion Road traveling north bound next to 99 bikes, Harvey Norman etc.

I was on my way home via the Pat Jonker Bikeway and planning to get onto the Marino Rocks Bikeway that travels parallel to the Seaford line via the canal 200m down the road.

A driver pulled into a car park going through a gap in at that time stationary traffic and cut off the bike lane.

Apart from obviously sore and injured, I feel like there is a big hole in the infrastructure there, and I am wondering how it could be improved.

Coming off the Pat Jonker path one is left with no guidance whatsoever, not even a safe on/off ramp onto the existing roads. Then, traveling across Sturt road the bike lane vanishes and the merge with multiple lane traffic is stressful and dangerous. Finally the danger of the turns into the shops is real and present, as my vertebrae will attest to.

What could be done to improve this? Are there route alternatives? Is there a way to find out just how dangerous the turn offs are in terms of accident statistics etc?

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Pascalo ... a broken neck ... so sorry ... do you have a prognosis?

If you require legal advice, consider Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers who advertise on this forum.
A few years ago, I found Bernie Gask helpful.

I shall make a full recovery after wearing my brace for 6 weeks. I am hoping to resume activity after about 10 weeks.

I will look into legal advice shortly, cheers ...

Pascalo, not legal advice. However, understand an injured road user has 6 weeks deadline to make a report to the driver's CTP insurance company.

Pascalo, can you find BUG members for that area? 
That is, cyclists who are familiar with the area and traffic, and who will support your quest?
There is a Marion & Holdfast Bay BUG. See

For accident stats, need to do an FOI to DPTI. I will look for the contact details.

Pascalo, some crash stats.

Council Crash Maps posted by DPTI
Road crash information maps can be used to identify crash locations within each Council area in accordance with the Black Spot criteria. These maps are based on crash data for the five calendar years between 1-Jan-2012 and 31-Dec-2016.
— Discrete Maps
— Crash Summary
— Casualty Crash Maps

Download maps at this link.

I don't find Marion Road too much trouble between those two bike paths. There are gaps like that all over Adelaide with very little signage anywhere.

There will be a new bike path along Main South Rd through the Darlington upgrade once it's finished, connecting the two bikeways you mentioned along with St Marys and Winston Ave - but probably there will still be a gap, or it will be on the wrong side of the road.

Firstly, ow, hope you recover.

The gap isn't really a gap if you use the lights and continue onto the path on the other side of Marion Rd (next to the raised expressway) then use the Sturt River Trail northwards. Clearly as the area is under construction, signage and path surfaces may not be perfect just now. Marion Rd is too much of a gamble for someone like me so I always research alternative routes before I go near busy main roads.

Ouch, really sorry about your injury, and I'm glad it wasn't worse.

First, where does the PJV actually end?

Anyway, I think the best route north of Sturt Road is probably Bradley Grove, which is about 500m east of Marion Road, has a decent bike lane, and more or less follows the Clovelly Park train line (formerly called Tonsley train line). Eventually Bradley Grove ends at a T-junction and you cross the train line, and after a few more turns (I am pretty sure the bike route is signposted) it joins up with the Marino Bikeway just north of Daws Road.

Alternatively, if that takes you too far east, there is Jilden's suggestion of the path following Sturt River.

Either way, the big question is how to get from the PJV to Sturt Road. I think there should be a route through that Science Park / wetlands area bound by Marion Road, Sturt Road and the Expressway. Whether there is, I don't know, but there is quite a bit of green space there, so it could be a reasonable thing to petition for.

All good options, but totally unknown to me at the time, and I would argue to everyone else who hasn't extensively researched options.

Which is sort of my point. I would say that a big sign with the available protected and unprotected bike lanes at the end of the veloway would be a great help for anyone coming off it for the first time.

Marion Council is terrible for putting up signs and when they do they don't seem to consider how cyclists might use them. I think they're also waiting for the end of the Sturt River one and the new Darlington one to be finalised before doing anything.

I hear you, but unfortunately this is Adelaide and cyclists' needs usually come last during roadworks. Mind you, in 2020 any cyclist travelling an unfamiliar route should have access to decent maps and data via their phones. Every newbie to Adelaide should also be made aware of the excellent free route planning resource called "cycle instead" by the SA gov.

Well the Cycle Instead mobile phone mode is useless because it does not let you click on the map; use it in non-mobile mode.

Anyway, Cycle Instead says Pascalo should have been able to take this path to the bike path along Sturt River. (Bradley Grove, which I mentioned, is that other one in green and white a little further east). The key thing - which either Pascalo missed, or is currently not there - is to cross Marion Road at the Marion Road / Expressway traffic lights.


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