I read this article and I found it interesting for those who like MTB's 


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Looks great. I'm thinking of adding a MTB to my stable. There has been talk of similar shared trails in the North East but nothing has come of it yet.

Got myself a Specialized Rockhopper and had a go at Craigburn-farm Today. Fantastic! Loved the trails and the whole vibe of the area. It is early days, but this will look fantastic in a few years.

Nice Wujim, congrats! Going to be a tough (fun) commute.

Craigburn  farm network is good but the trails getting to it and from it are even better!  You can do a great loop from Sheps, Lynton, Eden Hills, Craigburn, Sturt Valley and flinders uni. maybe 30 - 40ks of good solid mountain biking will feel like 100ks on the roadie.


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